My Supernatural Ringtone!!!

HeeHee!!! Got myself a new ringtone!! And I’m loving it to the max! Know why??????? It’s a ‘Supernatural Ringtone’! Sam & Dean Winchester asking you to answer your phone! How cool is that!??!?!!?!!! Ok. Yes. The fangirl in me has arisen again. 😛 Anyway, saw the tweet on Twitter, so I went online to search for it. Found it on YouTube. Here it is.

And now, it’s my ringtone on my iPhone! Woot!

To those who want it, just rip the above video using one of the ‘rip video from YouTube’ websites. I usually use ‘KeepVid‘. Then convert the ripped video into mp4 format using RealPlayer . For iPhone users, an extra step of converting the sound clip into ringtone format for iPhone is needed. It’s a little more work than normal, I’ll admit, but really, it ain’t that hard. And its so bloody damn worth it!!! HeeHee!!! Told you the fangirl in me has arisen! 😀


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