Skyfall (2012)

Another James Bond movie. I guess this is one man people can never get bored of. James Bond I mean, not Daniel Craig. Lol. This one, I’d say is better than then the last 2 ‘Daniel Craig as James Bond’ movies. I particularly didn’t like Casino Royale. But this? Skyfall? Pretty good. Had a good time watching and was entertained for the entire duration of the show.

I’ve always considered Daniel Craig the ‘bitter James Bond’. Lol. I didn’t mean it in a bad way. It’s just that his portrayal of the flamboyant British secret agent, James Bond, tend to be a little too serious and sad looking. Although, I can see why he was chosen. There’s a certain charm to him that’s hard to miss beneath all that bitter sad looks. And its no doubt that he aced the action scenes gracefully. And I gotta say, his body is definitely the best amongst the other actors who were privileged enough to land the role before him. Not really my type. I’d prefer it to be slightly leaner. Then it’d be perfect. But like I said, amongst the rest of his predecessors, this is the best I’ve seen of a James Bond. And really, I’m not complaining. At all. 😉 Though, I still miss that patented James Bond flirty smirk that was present when Pierce Brosnan & Sean Connery were playing James Bond in their respective time. However, I thought Craig nailed the subtle sexy flirting with his co-worker, the new, Eve Moneypeny.

Speaking of which, Naomie Harris did a splendid job, if I may say. Specially when her previous role, which she nailed as well, as the slightly eccentric priestess  in Pirates of The Caribbean : Dead Man’s Chest is still etched clearly in my mind. She went from the above role to the sexy, subtly saucy and confident secret agent in a James Bond movie.Just goes to show how talented actors or actress can be versatile. Of course the surprise I got from her is nothing compared to the one Rihanna gave me in ‘Battleship‘. Anyways, love the chemistry between her and Craig in this movie.

And the funny part about watching this movie last Saturday? I remember within the first 10 minutes of the show, Michelle turned to me and say, “So many people have been changed, but only M remains the same.”And lo behold, what do you know. At the end of the movie, I told Mich, “You and your big mouth. I think the director must have heard you. So he decided to change M at the end of the show.” 😉 I’m not sure if that’s considered a spoiler or a hint as to what happened at the end. Lol! Anyway, let me just say, this lady grows old so damn fine. Love her look, love her hair! At 77, Judi Dench definitely can still wow the world with her acting and her looks. Thumbs up to you, Miss Dench!

Villain, Raoul Silva, is what I call a cuckoo genius. I find his deliberate plans really fascinating. Javier Bardem did great on his role. Yeah, he doesn’t look really like a genius, but damn, he made the role believable. A brilliant ex-agent with mental problem. Lol. And he kinda reminded me of Tim Curry, the fella who played the concierge of Plaza Hotel in the movie Home Alone 2 : Lost in New York. Somehow, someway, he reminded me of this fella. Haha. It feels even more similar in the movie as compared to pictures.

One scene not to be missed in Skyfall is the ‘love scene’  between Silva and Bond. Perfectly entertaining even though its only a couple minutes. Lol!

Great time spent watching this movie. Great plot, great directing, great job from the actors and actresses too. Wouldn’t mind watching it again, but not so soon of course. 😉


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