Ted (2012)

Despite this being one of the new realeases this month, I actually watched this movie online. Just couldn’t wait for the weekend to go watch with my friends since, my next few weekends is kinda packed. Haha. Chiet recommended this show, saying its quite a nice show. And if Chiet, who’s a typical guy, can say a movie with a teddy bear is nice, then I’m sure it can’t be that bad. My first impression when I first saw the show is, it’s gonna be another silly comedy. But it’s actually not. Comedy, yes. But definitely not silly. Kinda nice actually. A little romcom, yes. And pretty much a chick flick. With ‘manly’ essence in it. 😉

First thing that came into my mind while watching a show is, “I want a real life teddy bear like that!” Yeah well, I’m being a typical girl. No surprise there. Though, I’d prefer my teddy to be sweeter and cuter, and not like a real grown man stuffed inside a teddy bear. Omg. The curses that comes out of the teddy bears mouth. Lol! But damn, despite all that, it’s just too cute sometimes! What surprises me a little is how, as the boy who owns him grows older, the voice of Ted the teddy bear also grow more manly even though his still looks the same as he did 27 years ago, on the outside. And boy, he is one horny teddy too! 🙂

Gotta say, I’m a little not too used to seeing Mark Wahlberg in this type of character. He’s usually playing those type of guy who has a control over themselves, instead of those lounging and wasting their life away. He wasn’t bad playing this role as John Bennett, but I guess I just feel that it doesn’t really suit him. Heh. However, the little chemistry he had with the bear seems to have worked in the movie’s favour. Loved their connection, John & Ted. Best friends. Somehow, this scene is just breathtaking to me. Simply breathtaking.

Female lead, Mila Kunis.I don’t know what’s wrong, cause she ain’t bad an actress, but somehow, somehwere, there feels like something is missing. It’s as if there’s a missing spark that leaves a lasting impression on viewers. Oh well. 😉 When she first come onto the screen, for a moment there, I thought it was Emma Stone. They really look alike. Specially in the movie. And not only are they similar in looks, even both their voices have a distinctive huskiness to it. I guess that really can make people mix them up for a split second. Cause Emma Stone’s voice is downright unique, and now, Mila Kunis also have something similar to that. Gotta say though, I prefer Emma Stone’s. 😉

One thing to take note during the show? The ‘Thunder Song’ from the scene shown below. Effin’ hilarious! Lol!

Would I watch this show again? Yeah! This is the kind of family movie that people would purchase and keep for future viewing. And it’s a funny yet touching show. So all’s good, even when it’s not some huge expensice blockbuster. 🙂


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