Your Shit Or You’re Shit?

20121112-142740.jpgOh, burn! Lol! I don’t mean to sound mean, but maybe I should send this card as a Christmas present to some of the people I know who aren’t really good in their English Language but yet, they try to boast their ‘exemplary’ use of a great vocabs. Unfortunately for them, they seem to know the words, but not the use of them. 😉

Really, people should stick to simple words if they know their command of the English Language ain’t good. At least, ask someone how to use a certain word if you’re not sure, before using it time and again. If not, don’t use those big words. A simple example, I know of someone who keep using the word ‘blast’ wrongly in the birthday wishes she wished others. Instead of “Have a blast”, she will say, “Have a blast day.” The heck’s a ‘blast day’?! Gosh. And this is only one of the simple examples. Don’t get me started on the others. Don’t know how to use a word? Don’t use it until you’ve fully mastered the use of it. Stick to simple words first. Gosh!

What’s the point of using all the flowery vocabs and then end up looking like a complete idiot when your sentences sound like you’re the shit who don’t know their shit. Smirk. 😉


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