Dinner @ Five Star Restaurant

One of my family’s most regular places for dinner. The Five Star Restaurant at Batu Lanchang. They’ve been there for more than 10 years I think. Haha. Chinese food that are averagely nice, with very reasonable prices.

This time, we ordered the ‘Curry Fish Fillet’.20121127-144209.jpgI seldom take curry fish, but the curry here is actually nice. I think they’re using what people usually call ‘Indian Gulai’/’Indian Curry’. And for a person like me who can’t take spicy stuff, it’s not particularly spicy. 😉

There’s also the ‘Salad Yu Char Koay’.20121127-144215.jpgAnothing thing that I’m not a fan of, ‘Yu Char Koay’. But the ‘Salad Yu Char Koay’ here is pretty nice. Though, it looks nothing like a salad, but it does has fruits, vegetables and mayonese. 😉

And the last dish we had was the ‘Sizzling Ti-pan Tofu’. 20121127-144220.jpgAlso one of my favourites. Think I’ve been having this everytime I come here to eat, for a few years now. Sizzling beancurd with minced meat, mushrooms and eggs. Really like the gravy, specially the tiny bits of minced meat soaked in gravy. Nice~!

Like I said, the dishes here aren’t fancy, but it’s averagely nice enough. I guess that’s why it’s still standing, open for business after so many years. Haha. Not to mention, business is usually good, no matter for lunch or dinner time. 🙂


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