Gym’s Wedding Of The Year

Last Sunday was Yen Peng and Andrew’s wedding dinner at Gurney Hotel. Thought it was cool that they picked Gurney Hotel, since that’s kinda where they met. Well, not exactly there, but more like at the gym that’s in the same building. Close enough. Haha! Well, kinda had a great time taking photos. Lol.

It’s nice to have dinners cause it gives the ladies a chance to dress up prettily. Although, I think I speak for all ladies that when the night ends and we finally reached home, it’s a relief to shed the make ups, pretty dresses and high heels. 😉 But while we’re at the dinner itself, it was fun. Carpooled with Angie and Imelda, and boy, am I glad we decided to skip the cocktail time. Because even though we arrived right on time, the dinner didn’t start for another hour plus. I guess, that’s typical for wedding dinners. 😉 Gotta say the band they hired was pretty good. And the entrance of the bride and groom accompanied by the saxophone player was kinda cool. A little classy even.

Watching Yen Peng and Andrew that night, all smiling and happy, it’s warms the heart. I guess it always warms one’s heart when we see true love with a happy ending. Some of us can recall clearly how it was when Andrew first courted Yen Peng. They were both so cute. And now, down the road, they’re happily married and we’re all happy for them. 20121127-144137.jpgAll the girl gymmies (people I met and knew from gym). Some we haven’t met for quite sometime. And it’s nice to be able to meet up with them at the dinner, even if its such a short period of time. 🙂
20121127-144017.jpgA few more shots of us girls cam-whoring. Yeah. I like taking pictures. Know why? It’s nice to keep good memories. =)
20121127-144041.jpgThese 3 are the instructors of the gym I attend, who have now become friends of mine. Jee, Garee and Wendy.

20121203-125104.jpgOf course the pictures won’t be complete without a picture with two of my closest friends from gym, Angie and Imelda. 🙂 I think they have both surpass the ‘gym friends’ and went straight to the close friends category, since they are, and have been for a long time now, more than just ‘gym-related friends’. 🙂
20121127-144116.jpgOf course, with my tradition of wedding pictures, if I’m a friend of the lovely bride, I’ll grab a picture with her. Yen Peng, a good friend of mine, definitely makes the cut. 🙂
20121127-144128.jpgAnd finally, it’s a must have, to have one with the bride and groom together. Wishing them a blessed life together in the future! 🙂

Oh, a side note. 😉
I call it gym’s wedding of the year, since the other couple which hooked up via gym got married last year, but didn’t even have a dinner or any sort of ceremony up till now. Which I actually find a little ridiculous. Given yes, it’s a shotgun wedding, but those people I know who have shotgun marriage will have a wedding ceremony as well, however small it maybe. Even if they minus out the wedding dinner, they’ll still have the usual chinese wedding ceremony in a simple way, complete with a rented wedding gown. But this particular couple which I will not mention their names, decided not to do anything except to sign the marriage certificate. And they seem so proud of it. I can’t help wondering if they’ll regret it when they grow older. Nothing to show their kids, nothing to remember. Maybe I’m being old-fashion, but in my opinion, if a couple don’t want the hustle and bustle of a proper wedding, a simple one is also sufficient. At least a little something to remember the one of the biggest day of your life. But not having any is just crap. Kinda makes it feel as if, wedding don’t mean much to them. Oh well, people have their choices.


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