God & Music

So. Back in church. Slowly starting to serve again. Bit by bit. 3 musical instruments. Guitar, piano, bass. Just wanna give the best when playing for God. A little stress at the beginning. Feeling even more stress now, when I found out I have to play the guitar for the young adults’ Christmas outing carolling session, together with 4 other guitarist, who are like, super good. And I’m like, haven’t touched my guitar in 8 years and just started picking it up again this year. Argh! But I try to remind myself what someone shared with me a few weeks back. “Just do your best with what little you have, and God will be pleased.

I remember 2 weeks back, I was playing the piano for the church’s children’s camp. Second time touching the keyboard after 8 freaking years. The first time being the practice two days before the camp. Haha. Truthfully, I didn’t think I did well at all. My playing was a little messy for the praise song, and my playing wasn’t really smooth for the worship songs. And sometimes I did wonder if God had taken away the musical talents he blessed me with. As it was stated in the Bible that if you don’t use and do anything with the talents God gave you, He will take it away from you and give it to someone else. I was lost for 8 years. And I may have found my way back, but it’s been 8 years, I put it all to waste. So yeah. I was worried God had taken it all away. But then, Sister Hannah came up to me after worship and said, “Keep playing, don’t give this up. There’s an annointing from God when you play. What you’re playing, is prophetic playing.” It was really surprising. I don’t understand exactly what she meant, but one thing I’m sure? God is Grace. And I am humbled. He hasn’t removed those talents he blessed me with.

And with whatever little I have, I will give my best to Him.


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