Just Saying

I used to feel safe leaving my iPhone beside my water bottle at the side of the studio whenever I attend a gym class. But since the coming of those from the other gym, I find myself unconsciously glancing at my phone every now and then to check if it’s still there. Maybe it’s the many ‘my stuff disappeared’ stories I heard from that particular gym that got me worried. But it’s quite annoying after a while when you keep feeling fearful and keep glancing off to the side to check on your phone. And no, locker is out of the question. From what I know (information from instructor friends who used to have classes there), they used to pry open locked lockers at their old place. So, nope. It’s risky as well. Besides, lately, it’s so packed, we can barely find a locker to use. FS really need to repair their all lockers that are ‘under maintainance’. It gets frustrating when we can’t find a locker to keep our stuff.

Sigh. The FS members sometimes can’t help wishing Jatomi will open soon, and hopefully, those people will go back to where they belong. Then we won’t be overly packed anymore and we won’t fear that much about things disappearing.


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