Simple Fitness Tips~!

Some of the stuff I came across. Sometimes, it’s the little things that makes the extra difference. But it’s also the little things we tend to miss. 😉20121213-133603.jpgNot gonna starve myself, that’s for sure. I can’t imagine those people who live on milk and biscuits alone for weeks just to lose weight. Sorry. I prefer to go the healthy diet way. Proper food. It maybe slower, but definitely healthier. And it’s a good habit to cultivate. THOUGH, good habits most of the times take longer to muster. 😉

20121213-133554.jpgNot a problem for me, I guess. I prefer plain water 95% of the time. But I’ve read in a lot of places that warm water is better than cold water uring meals. It’s kinda hard for me cause I love drinking cold water. Find it refreshing, living in this hot country. But I’ve recently started warm water during meals. 🙂

20121213-133630.jpgLol. THIS is a picture, I would do good to remember. Not that I frequent McDonald, but I tend to go for that when I’m in a bad mood. Yup. Very bad habit. Trying to change that, and is almost near successful. 🙂

And last but not least, a non-food related tip. 20121213-133622.jpgHhmmm. I guess I’ve gotta reschedule my gym routine and try to fit BodyPump into it. 😉


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