Auto Fun Hunt & Dinner @ Anjung Indah Thai Seafood

Was kinda busy this festive season, so this post would kinda be a delayed one. The RGBC young adults’ Christmas celebration. This season, we had an Auto Fun Hunt, and boy, it was fun! Travelling all the way from downtown to Balik Pulau, completing various tasks. My group took around 3 hours to complete the entire race. It’s such an awesome feeling when the race was completed and we arrived at the beautiful destination. 20121224-102527.jpg

Given that I’ve been up there before, but the view never fails to take my breath away. The last time I was up there was more than a year ago, when I had dinner with a group of people I used to be close to, until some betrayed my friendship. Heh. 😉 This time around, it’s with a while bunch of old and new friends, to celebrate the festive season of Christmas. 20121224-102616.jpgIt wasn’t a really fancy menu, but I gotta say, the person who place the order knows what he’s doing. The food ordered were immensely satisfying.

First up, we had the appetizer, ‘Miang Kum’. 20121224-102627.jpgI personally like this dish. Never knew something as simple as using the leaf to wrap up the ingredients provided could taste so nice. 🙂

Among the dishes we had is the ‘Green Curry Chicken’. 20121224-102721.jpgI find the green curry a little too sweet for my liking. However, the chicken is well cooked with the taste of the green curry blended nicely into them. Not my favourite though. I’ve tasted better. 😉

Then there’s the ‘Tom Yum Seafood’.20121224-102636.jpgNow this is yummy. It’s spicy enough and sour enough. If I wasn’t having fever on that day, I’d definitely drink the tom yum soup! Unfortunately, I was down with fever and cough and flu, so I had to cut down on drinking this yummy soup. Lol!

The ‘Stir-fried Squid With Salted Egg’ is another surprising dish. 20121224-102735.jpgI’ve tried ‘Fish Fillet With Salted Egg’ before, but never squid. And I’m not a person who like eating squid. But this is nice. The salted egg makes the dish really tasty. Though I’ll say this, the salted egg at Xuan Xin Restaurant is a little nicer, in my opinion. 😉

Something I’ve never tried before is the ‘Deep Fried Chicken With Lemon Grass’.20121224-102646.jpgI never knew fried lemon grass is actually quite tasty. It’s crunchy, like some kind of snack food. Haha. I’d definitely order this the next time I’m up there again. 🙂

Up next is the ‘Broccoli Mushroom’.20121224-102659.jpgI’m not proud to say this, but I’m not a fan of vegetables. However, I love broccolis. So this is fine with me. Nothing special about this dish, but it is nicely cooked.

The last main dish is the ‘Thai Style Beancurd’. 20121224-102710.jpgNice. I won’t go as far as to say it’s delicious, but it’s nice. Like I said, not a fan of veggie, so can’t comment much. But I like the beancurd here. *sheepish look*

Finally we had the dessert. 20121224-102751.jpg‘Tab Tim Krob’. Out of the many ‘Tab Tim Krob’ I’ve ever had, this is the only one which has bananas in it, besides the usual fruite like mango. I find it kinda special. Definitely thumbs up for this dessert. 🙂

The location of Anjung Indah Thai Seafood is actually kinda far from civilization (haha!), but I’d definitely go back up there for some nice Thai food. 🙂


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