Stars & Dust Of The Golden Globe Awards 2013

So, the Golden Globe Awards 2013 passed more than a week ago. I can’t help seeing the pictures of some of the stars posted in the news on the Yahoo! website. Some stood a level above others in their elegantly sophisticated dresses, while some others just fall flat. 😉 These are some that caught my eye, the good ones and a few of the bad ones.

Halle BerryHalle BerryThe gown alone had me drooling. This is the kind of gown that I like. And with Halle Berry wearing it? It’s just gorgeous. I think there’s no need to say she looks downright sexy. It’s an understatement. Really. Hugging all her curves at all the right places. And flowy flippy end at the bottom of the gown just creates a feeling of freedom and vibrance.

Jennifer LopezJennifer LopezWhoa! This is one sexy mama! Not my kinda gown, but damn JLo pulled it off like a shining star. What’s amazing is I can’t even see where her skin starts, where the skin colored linings layer or where the laces end. Splendid. With her hot bod, I gotta say, JLo fits this kinda body-clinging dresses like she’s one with them. Thumbs up to this mama of two!

Anne HathawayAnne HathawayLove her new short hair, but as much as I like Hathaway, this dress just does nothing for her. She looks like stick. Too skinny in my opinion. I think this kinda gown would look fabulous on slim or voluptuous bodies, but on her figure, it just makes her look unhealthily thin. But congratz on the win! That’s the only glamour of Anne Hathaway that night.

Kate HudsonKate-HudsonThe hair, the dress… Love them all. Although black ain’t anywhere near my favourite color, but Kate Hudson made me love this gown. I think she is one of the definitions of ‘wearing the gown’, instead of ‘letting the gown wear you’. The combination of black and gold somehow brightens her face and enhances her beautiful soft locks. She’s definitely elegant and chic personified.

Jennifer GarnerJennifer GarnerI personally think Jennifer is really pretty person, BUT this is just an epic failure in fashion. She has the potential to look absolutely stunning, but I think her stylist kinda screwed up this time. The hair makes her look like she’s shopping grocery in the market, the red dress just clashes with the red carpet and the cut of the dress makes her look rather sloppy in it. Sorry Jennifer, but you just blend into the background. Or to be more accurate, the floor.

Jessica AlbaJessica AlbaDon’t think orange is really Jessica Alba’s color, but I think overall, she looks nice. Simple and sweet. Trust me when I say, it’s not easy to looks simple and not bland. Jessica Alba did a great job in making simple look sweetly elegant. Kudos.

Amanda SeyfriedAmanda SeyfriedLove the bottom half of the gown, but hate the top part. Amanda didn’t stand out in this dress, but at least she’s no where near ‘worst dressed’. What she had on is what I’d call average. For a normal formal dinner or party, I’d say this is nice, but its the Golden Globes. This just looks a little plain to the eye. But oh well, at least she looks presentable.

Taylor SwiftTaylor SwiftI’m not a fan of ‘mermaid gowns’, but I think Taylor looks nice in this gown. I actually am a fan of the straight cut top. Had always love that design. Anyway, love the way her hair is all slicked back. All posh and elegant, but with some sense of power behind it. The gown can be a little plain, but I think her makeup and hair style just makes this look work. So good job, Taylor! Even though I really prefer what she wore for the Country Music Awards 2012. She looks absolutely stunning there. Here, she just looks nice.

Nicole KidmanNicole KidmanI actually thought the dress looks nice. But not Nicole in the dress. Know what I mean? Just like Hathaway above, this just makes her look unhealthily sick. I can actually imagine how the dress would look on someone with slight slim curves, like Scarlett Johansson, or even those with voluptuous like JLo mentioned above. It would have been a killer. But on Nicole, it loses it’s charm. She just looks skinny, not slim. Would have prefered to see her in a more flowly dress, so maybe then, she won’t look so thin. Sorry Nic, but this just falls flat.

Sienna MillerSienna MillerThis is just ATROCIOUS. Horrifying. The dress. If that’s what you call them. It looks like someone just took my grandmother’s doilies and sewed them together to make this gown for Miller. I just. I can’t even. Oh gawd. It’s just. Ugh! Why she even agreed to wear this in public is beyond my comprehension.

Megan FoxMegan FoxSimple dress. Simple, but very nice. Sweet even. The soft off-white color. Love it. However, there’s just something that don’t pop. I think Megan Fox lost her attractiveness. Her face looks so mean and old. Last time, she looks like those hot bitchy type, but now she just looks mean. Forgive me, but it’s safe to say, the look on her face spoiled her entire appearance. If only she softened her face or smiled, she’d looks really pretty in the gown. So, sorry but this is don’t work for me.

AdeleAdeleI know there are many who’d say this is a boring gown. I won’t deny it. But I think Adele looked gorgeous in this. Her hair and makeup is splendid. But her confidence makes this dress look good on her. Another plus point? She didn’t try to fit in, trying to squeeze into those tight fitting, sleeveless gowns like many of the ‘chubby’ actresses try to do. She stuck to who she was, with confident and pulled it off. So thumbs up, Adele!

Now, I saw this on Perez Hilton’s blog and I just couldn’t resist reposting it. Angelina vs. EvaMy money’s on Eva Longoria. She looks absolutely stunning. And as good as Angelina Jolie looked, her bones can be seen under that layer of skin. This comparison between Eva and Angelina just shows very clearly the difference between being slim and being skinny. 😉 It’s sad to see how Angelina has lost so much weight in the recent years when previously, she was one of the hottest Hollywood stars who was slim with all the curves in the right places. (Remember her Tomb Raider days?) So yeah, sorry but Eva wins this hands down, in my opinion. 😉

‘Champion’ Nasi Lemak

I don’t really know the name of this stall, but after winning a state-wide nasi lemak competition, there’s a banner across the stall that says Champion Nasi Lemak. So I’ve taken to calling it the ‘champion nasi lemak’. 😉20130123-222049.jpgLocated right at the Gurney Drive hawkers center, the stall is the last one, at the very end, right at the Gurney Drive roundabout. It’s rarely without customers. From what I heard, business starts around 3-4 pm in the afternoon and last all the way till 10-11 pm at night.

Tried it. I won’t say its out of this world, but it certainly is nice. I actually find it nicer than the Old Town White Coffee Nasi Lemak Special. And, it is cheaper. 😉20130123-222056.jpgDon’t be deceived by its simple look. The sauce is nicely cooked and the fried chicken is really tender. I’ve had this as my dinner at least 4-5 times in the last 3 weeks, since I first tasted this ‘champion’ nasi lemak. A plate of rice, some ikan bilis and groundnuts, egg, a piece of tender fried chicken and really yummy sauce. And all these cost only RM 5 per plate. 🙂 I’d definitely be having this ‘champion nasi lemak’ every now and then. 🙂

Humble Beginnings, Straits Quay

Looks like I’m trying a lot of cakes this month. Thanks to Imelda, I got to try the crêpe cake from the famous Humble Beginnings. 20130123-221916.jpgIt used to only be available for order online. Now they’ve opened a shop in Straits Quay, Penang. We decided to go there for Mel’s birthday. Just a little birthday treat. It’s a small little shop, with amazing cakes.

My first ever Humble Beginnings cake is a Chocolate Swiss Crêpe Cake (the only kind of chocolate cake in the house), recommended by Imelda who knows me well enough to know that I’d pick the chocolate flavoured one. 😀20130123-221926.jpgReally, really, really yummy! It’s soft and smooth, moist and velvety. Not to mention, very rich. Simply lovely. *thumbs up*

While Imee and I both had the Chocolate Swiss, Mel ordered a Peanut Butter Blueberry Crêpe Cake for herself.20130123-221934.jpgGot a taste of it. Let me just say that, I am not a fan of peanut butter. I especially hate it with bread. But this cake? Oh, this cake. Peanut butter and blueberry. It’s really nice. I might even consider getting myself one in the future, and that’s saying something, coming from someone like me who don’t really fancy peanut butter. =)

Would definitely go back for more cakes from here. Though, the downside eating it in the shop itself? They don’t seem to serve plain water. Imelda and I asked for water and they said something about ‘not enough’. Ain’t sure if its not enough water or not enough waitress. Hhmmm. So heads up, if anybody’s going to there for cakes, bring your own water or order some other drinks they offer there.

I would love to order their cakes online ( too. Seems like they have a wider variety online, as compared to those available in the shop.

Ritz Cakes & Pastries

Ritz Cakes & Pastries is one of the famous bakery in Penang. 20130122-021754.jpgI’ve heard that their cakes are nice, tried some even, mostly birthday cakes from birthday parties, but I’ve never personally bought a slice of cake for myself from this shop. So finally, I decided to get one for myself, a slice of my own preference. Picked one of the simplest most common one. Chocolate Oreo Cake.20130122-021801.jpgBasically, its just sponge cake. But as far as sponge cake goes, it’s one of the nice ones. Most sponge cake we have from other bakeries are usually dry and bland. But this? It’s moist and chocolaty. I won’t say its something special. I did, after all, picked the common flavour. But it’s definitely way above average as compared to other sponge cakes I’ve tried before from other bakeries. I’m definitely planning to go back to try some other flavours soon. 😉

Oh, and for the record, they only sell cakes and pastries. No breads or buns. Lol. And you can check their variety of cakes from their online webpage :

Ah Boys To Men – Part 1 (2012)

AhboystomenposterI’ve always liked Singaporean movies. Most of them anyway. The raw humour, the sarcasm, the usage of all three languages (English, Mandarin and Hokkien) and the ability to paint a very realistic picture of life is just so intriguing. Not to mention their ‘innocently’ thrown in dirty jokes or phrases. 😉 Add in my one of my favourite ingredient in a movie, army/police training, and I really have no complains for this show. Given, there’s no ‘big-shot’ names casted here (for example, no Mark Lee), this is still a really nice and entertaining show to watch.

Main character, Ken Chow, played by Joshua Tan did a pretty good job portraying a spoilt rich teenager. I’m sorry, let me rephrase that. A spoilt, rich and childish teenager who dreads joining the Singapore National Service Training, and is trying his damn hardest to get out of it. Ah-Boys-To-men-KEN-CHOWWell, of course, ‘you can never run from the law’. 😉 He ended up still having to go for the training. Tan, though not really hot to the eye after he got his crew-cut, still manages to exudes his presence as the main character.

It’s pretty hilarous looking at the new recruits, most a softie and undisciplined, trying to get used to the routine and training. ah-boys-to-men-recruitsThis entire movie kinda reminded me of the time when Malaysia first implemented its National Service law, and we were all dreading it, praying that we won’t be selected for the training. I remember my year was the first batched for the country’s National Service Program. Anyways, I love watching movies or series like this. Where they train really lame-ass recruits until at the end, they become successful, and tough, and full of character and dicipline.

Pitch Perfect (2012)

Pitch_Perfect_It may not be one of the awesome movies, but there’s singing and dancing, and usually, with an average storyline, that’s good enough to get my approval. Pitch Perfect is sort of the kind of ‘feel good’ show that can be watched countless times. What impressed me is that this movie, is starred by all the mediocre-grade actors and actresses, and yet, it’s a pretty entertaining show.

Main actress Anna Kendrick plays college student Beca Mitchell who’s more into listening to her own music than talking and socializing with people.pitch-perfect-2She didn’t catch my attention until about mid-show. At the beginning, I just found her a little boring. I guess maybe that’s why she don’t really star in movies. She don’t have the ‘wow-factor’ that some actresses have which enables them to catch the audiences’ attention the minute they appeared on screen. Though, she really ain’t bad as an actress. Maybe she should be given more chances and experience. And I actually love her voice. There’s a slight country-jazz-pop feel to it. When I first saw her in Twilight, I never expected her to be able to sing so well.

Main actor Skylar Astin is just a bordering on disappointing.pitch-perfect-skylar-astinOther than having a good voice, his performance is kinda dull in my opinion. I couldn’t find anything interesting about him at all in this show. And to top if off, he’s not even cute or hot. No offense. I find my thoughts straying back to the ‘DJ’ in the show more often than not, wishing that he was the main male character instead. Actor Freddie Stroma sure stole the lime light for me. Maybe it is his hot bod.pitch-perfect-freddie-stromaOr maybe it’s his looks. Freddie StromaEither way, Freddie Stroma caught my attention even though he only appeared on screen about 2-3 times. 😉

I thought the Barden Bellas final performance was pretty good, and their makeover? Thank God. 😉 Pitch-Perfect-BellasAnd it’s actually surprising that all these girls actually have pretty good voice. I guess sometimes we’re so used to see them acting, we forget that some of them can sing pretty well. Les Misérables is a good example. 😉

Overall, I’d rate this movie a 3 stars out of 5, even though I enjoyed myself throughout the show. Would definitely watch it again in the future. Though, there are news that there will be a sequel, Pitch Perfect 2. 🙂