Les Misérables (2012)

Les-miserables-movie-poster1Wasn’t expecting much when I went to watch this show. Confession. I didn’t even know what it’s about. 😉 Yes. I’ve never heard of the musical Les Misérables before this. But I’m glad Hui suggested this show. Cause I enjoyed it. Gotta say, at the beginning, wasn’t enjoying some of the ‘singing conversations’, but once the actual songs come in, it’s really quite nice. But what surprises me is, for a musical movie, they managed to rope in quite a number of big names. Not those ‘Glee/High School Musical big names’ but the actual blockbuster big names. 🙂

First up, the man I couldn’t recognize. No. It’s not that I don’t know him. I know him pretty well considering I’ve watched quite a number of his shows. But the way he looked here? My brain didn’t really process it properly, hence not being able to register the face.Hugh-Jackman-Les-MiserablesHugh Jackman, ladies and gentlemen. As Jean Valjean. I seriously couldn’t recognize him looking like that. My mind was just going “Damn, this old man looks familiar. Where have I seen him before?” Not until I leaned over to Hui and asked her, did she turned to me staring and saying “That’s Hugh Jackman!” Oh boy. I was embarrassed! How could I not have recognized him?! Then again, I guess you can’t blame me. Whatever happened to this guy?hugh-jackmanSo you see, can’t really blame me right? 😉

Next up, we’ve got Anne Hathaway. Les-Miserables-Anne-Hathaway-1Let me tell you, with her performance in this show? She raised herself to a total different league! Fantastic job from Hathaway! It’s totally out of her genre but she nailed it, right on the head. Her screen time may not be long, but boy, did it make an impact. Everywhere around the globe, Hathaway’s been loaded with praises, and her performance is praise-worthy.

Cosette, daughter of Hathaway’s character Fantine, was played by Amanda Seyfried.les-miserable-amanda-seyfriedUnlike Hathaway, she stayed in her genre of character. Feminine and soft-spoken. A lady, if I might say. I thought she was rather plain in this musical movie. Or maybe, it was her character that was plain, I’m not sure cause I haven’t watched the musical or read the story before. 😉 But it was cool that they managed to find a girl who’s very similar (somehow) to Seyfried, as the young Cosette.les-miserables-young-cosetteIsabelle Allen. Newbie in the showbiz. I’ll say, she did a great job. Kinda enjoyed watching her scenes a little more than Seyfried’s.

Another big name? They roped in Russell Crowe.Russel-Crowe-les-miserables-2012First thought? “Holy sh*t! Russell Crowe can sing!” Haha! I never (ever!) take him as one of those who would be in musicals. I mean, he’s usually in movies that has too much testosterone! 😉 But all being said, he did an averagely good job.

Another male lead is English actor, Eddie Redmayne. les-miserable-mariusHis character Marius, I’m assuming is supposed to be a heartthrob. Don’t think this fella here fit the bill. But as you continue watching the show, you’ll slowly find that he exudes a certain charm. Then I started realizing why they casted him as Marius, though I feel there maybe some other actors that may do well for the role as well. But still, not bad as far as the movie goes.

These group of people is what I call the ‘olden french version of One Direction’.les-miserables-revolutionariesI’m not kidding. The second they popped onto the screen and started singing, my mind goes, “Oh my gawd! It’s the One Direction, olden French version!” Lol! But, among the whole group, the revolutionaries, the one that I noticed was the one in the green vest cause damn he has a really good voice, comparatively to the rest! Sorry, don’t know his name. 😦 And I think they didn’t place enough focus on the character Enjolras, leader of the group of revolutionaries. Oh well.

There are some slightly more minor characters that actually caught my attention. Felt that they actually stand out more than some of the leads.

Éponine, played by Samantha Barks. eponine-samantha-barksGreat, great job! She has a beautiful voice. As I was researching materials to write this post, I found out that she also performed as Éponine in the Les Misérables 25th Anniversary Concert (2010) in front of the Queen of England! And she was even better there. I guess there’s something about performing live that creates a certain magic as compared to filming your performance into a video. 😉

And last but not least, there’s the young boy Daniel Huttlestone as Gavroche. les-miserables-Daniel HuttlestoneLove him. He’s adorable! Lol! But all that aside, he sang really well. So yeah, kudos! 😉

I’d wanna add a side note that, I find both the inkeepers absolutely entertaining! Les-Miserables-by-Annie-Lei-Masters-of-the-House1And actually, they look like they jumped out of Alice In Wonderland, Johnny Depp version. 😉 Lol! Facinating! Plus, they actually have more chemistry between them than Cosette and Marius have. 😉

This movie can go either way for different people. Some will love it, while others will loathe it. I have friends who claimed this show is so boring. I can’t believe them. I mean, when I first walked out of the cinema after this show, I was feeling positively above average about it, even though I won’t say I love it. So yeah. One man’s meat is another man’s poison. 😉


I’d like to say though, as nice the movie is, I’m very sure it’s not as good as the actual live musical. Reason? I was googling for some of the songs and stumbled upon the Les Misérables 25th Anniversary Concert (2010). That was awesome! Way more awesome than this movie, and its only the concert! Not even the actual musical yet! Almost all the singers were much better compared to those mentioned above, except maybe for Anne Hathaway and Eddie Redmayne. I think they did better than the Fantine and Marius in the concert. 😉 Other than that, the casts for the concert trumps almost every one of the casts in this movie. Not kidding! Maybe it’s because when you’re on stage, you’re lack of techonology effects, scenes and props that would make a story look good, so you gotta rely fully on yourself, your own expressions and performance. And THAT, is what made it for them, I think.

These two songs in particular stayed in my mind after hearing it only for the first time. I decieded to post the 2010 concert version cause it’s much nicer than the 2012 movie version.

Master Of The House, a fun tune and funny lyrics. The music makes you wanna bop your head to it. 😉

Do You Hear The People Sing, a song that will stir your emotions. It’s very addictive. It’s as if it captures your very soul. Well, kinda. 😉 But somehow, I just love this song. And these people who performed at this concert did so much better than those in the movie for this song, in my opinion.

The entire concert can be found on YouTube. Simply awesome! It is highly recommended, if you love music or musicals. 🙂


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