Useful Humour?

Damn straight it’s useful. Or some. *sly smile*

Okay. Maybe this one’s not that useful. But it’s funny, you’ve gotta admit. 😉20130109-025138.jpgHilarious! But I actually can imagine the scenario if those little guys could really talk. Lol! Poor, fellas. Not sure which is worse. Haha!

Now this is useful! If only Facebook can take a hint and provide some of these. 20130109-025148.jpgI’ll need the :

1) For God’s sake, no more ‘MyCalendar’
2) Yo! I dig that!
3) Kinda stupid
4) F*** you!!!

Especially the ‘Kinda stupid’. Actually a ‘Really stupid’ or a ‘You’re stupid’ would be even better. I predict it would come in really good use on Facebook. *smirk*


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