I Beg To Differ

Saw someone post this on Facebook. A little smirk start to appear on my face as I read it. 20130109-025406.jpgIt’s not that I don’t agree with the stuff stated in the picture above. But not everything on it is accurate. According to the picture above, what this MaryEllen Tribby is saying is that all ‘successful people’ is, as a matter of fact, perfect. A saint. Flawless. And of course, the ‘unsuccessful people’ are the many definitions of everything not perfect.

There are tons of ‘successful people’ I know who don’t like to show gratitude, don’t give compliment to people other than themselves, who hold grudges, do not learn continuously nor embrace change, and certainly most definitely not exuding joy. Successful people bitch about others too. They don’t all, as indicated above, read everyday, talk about ideas, and share information and data. Heck, sometimes, successful people are the people who criticize the most. The list goes on. I’m not saying ‘successful people’ aren’t all that is mentioned above, but that they have flaws too. They are afterall human. The maybe some of the things mentioned above, but not all.

And let me just say, there are ‘unsuccessful people’ who exudes joy instead of anger as indicated by the diagram above, simply cause they’re contented with their less successful life. And not all ‘unsuccessful people’ hold grudges. Not all ‘unsuccessful people’ don’t set goal, given, the majority don’t. And ‘unsuccessful people’ don’t always talk about other people.

I personally think, this chart is somewhat biased. Though, I won’t deny that the ‘successful people’ holds some of the qualities mentioned above and those ‘unsuccessful people’ exhibits some of the bad qualities mentioned above. However, I don’t think they are solid enough to be used as an indicator for success. I just don’t think it’s fair to group things up like that. I think it to be rather stupid, if I may say. Then again, I’m not that successful yet, so maybe I don’t know that much about success. *pun intended* *sarcasm oozing* *smirk*

One last thing. If we were to strive to achieve all the qualities listed above to be successful, then I can most definitely say, we’re heading down a damn boring journey in life. Yes, we must always strive to be a better person, but please, don’t lose the fun. Don’t lose yourself in the process. And don’t be fake. Be human. I smirked outright at the ‘talk about people (unsuccessful) vs. talk about ideas (successful)’. Oh puh~leaseeee…..


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