Pitch Perfect (2012)

Pitch_Perfect_It may not be one of the awesome movies, but there’s singing and dancing, and usually, with an average storyline, that’s good enough to get my approval. Pitch Perfect is sort of the kind of ‘feel good’ show that can be watched countless times. What impressed me is that this movie, is starred by all the mediocre-grade actors and actresses, and yet, it’s a pretty entertaining show.

Main actress Anna Kendrick plays college student Beca Mitchell who’s more into listening to her own music than talking and socializing with people.pitch-perfect-2She didn’t catch my attention until about mid-show. At the beginning, I just found her a little boring. I guess maybe that’s why she don’t really star in movies. She don’t have the ‘wow-factor’ that some actresses have which enables them to catch the audiences’ attention the minute they appeared on screen. Though, she really ain’t bad as an actress. Maybe she should be given more chances and experience. And I actually love her voice. There’s a slight country-jazz-pop feel to it. When I first saw her in Twilight, I never expected her to be able to sing so well.

Main actor Skylar Astin is just a bordering on disappointing.pitch-perfect-skylar-astinOther than having a good voice, his performance is kinda dull in my opinion. I couldn’t find anything interesting about him at all in this show. And to top if off, he’s not even cute or hot. No offense. I find my thoughts straying back to the ‘DJ’ in the show more often than not, wishing that he was the main male character instead. Actor Freddie Stroma sure stole the lime light for me. Maybe it is his hot bod.pitch-perfect-freddie-stromaOr maybe it’s his looks. Freddie StromaEither way, Freddie Stroma caught my attention even though he only appeared on screen about 2-3 times. 😉

I thought the Barden Bellas final performance was pretty good, and their makeover? Thank God. 😉 Pitch-Perfect-BellasAnd it’s actually surprising that all these girls actually have pretty good voice. I guess sometimes we’re so used to see them acting, we forget that some of them can sing pretty well. Les Misérables is a good example. 😉

Overall, I’d rate this movie a 3 stars out of 5, even though I enjoyed myself throughout the show. Would definitely watch it again in the future. Though, there are news that there will be a sequel, Pitch Perfect 2. 🙂


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