20130121-011646.jpgYes. It’s my frist time drinking it. I’ve drank all kinds of cocktails. But never a ‘wine-punch’. Gotta say though, despite some of the fuss people make over this drink, I didn’t find it particularly impressive. However, I’m quite certain it’s not that the drink ain’t nice, but it’s just my luck I went to the place where the bartenders don’t know how to make a decent Sangria. And this fact was confirmed by Michelle who is a fan of Sangria, but who was disappointed last night by the drink served to us at The Library, Straits Quay. The drink taste diluted, there was no trace of alcohol, and the only fruit present is pieces of lemon. As a matter of fact, I labelled it ‘tasteless’ when I took my first sip last night. I guess, as good as their Long Island Tea is, their Sangria is somewhat a failure.

So I guess, I will give Sangria another try soon. Hopefully, I’ll be able to find somewhere decent Sangria is served. 😉


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