The Incredibly Annoying Moment…

… when someone yaks non-stop about her own upcoming wedding when she’s attending the wedding dinner of another friend. Not for 10 minutes, not for 15 minutes, not even for half an hour. It was throughout the entire dinner!

Know what I call this? Rude. Specially when everyone was looking at the video showing on the screen of the newly wedded couple’s wedding day. She was talking on and on about her upcoming wedding day, trying to get people’s attention off the screen and on her. When the bride and groom was up on stage opening the champagne bottles, she was bragging bout her own wedding proposal and how her fiancé just can’t wait to marry her, trying to get people to listen to her. When the bride and groom was on stage giving a short thank you speech, she was having her own speech at our table about planning her upcoming wedding.

Seriously. I’d be excited for any friends of mine who are getting married. But when I’m attending a wedding dinner, it’s rather annoying when all these parts of the wedding when we’re supposed to give the bride and groom our attention, is disrupted and our attention is divided between trying to be polite to the other ‘rude-soon-to-be-bride’, and giving the actual stars of the night, the bride and groom of the event, our attention.

Knowing this person, I guess I shouldn’t be surprised. After all, she is the kind of woman who criticizes others or constantly mentioning others’ faults to make herself look good. I seriously don’t mind randomly bitchy people. I bitch about others too sometimes. But those who trash others just so they themselves could look good, just get on my nerves. It just makes me feel that they’re insecure about their own position and standings in society when they do that. And even knowing that she is that kind of person, and I really shouldn’t be surprised at all, I can’t help but find it hard to comprehend how tactless and rude she can be. I mean, for crying out loud, it wouldn’t hurt to shut up for 10 minutes and give the bride and groom a little respect.

I wonder how she would feel if someone does that to her on her upcoming wedding day. *smirk*

On a different note, it’s extremely embarassing to sit with the above-mentioned woman in public sometimes. She has the habit of hitting the table loudly everytime she makes a statement. People at the nearby tables sometimes turned to look over at our table. And not in a good way, might I add. Gosh. Guys don’t even do that nowadays. And to see a girl doing that? *shocked* For the 45 minutes we sat for a drink, the table was banged at least 7-8 times. There were moments I wished I could just shrink to the size of an ant. Thank God, there was no one else I know nearby except for Mich who together with me tried to fade into background as the woman keep banging the table when she exclaimed or make an excited statement.


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