Ah Boys To Men – Part 1 (2012)

AhboystomenposterI’ve always liked Singaporean movies. Most of them anyway. The raw humour, the sarcasm, the usage of all three languages (English, Mandarin and Hokkien) and the ability to paint a very realistic picture of life is just so intriguing. Not to mention their ‘innocently’ thrown in dirty jokes or phrases. 😉 Add in my one of my favourite ingredient in a movie, army/police training, and I really have no complains for this show. Given, there’s no ‘big-shot’ names casted here (for example, no Mark Lee), this is still a really nice and entertaining show to watch.

Main character, Ken Chow, played by Joshua Tan did a pretty good job portraying a spoilt rich teenager. I’m sorry, let me rephrase that. A spoilt, rich and childish teenager who dreads joining the Singapore National Service Training, and is trying his damn hardest to get out of it. Ah-Boys-To-men-KEN-CHOWWell, of course, ‘you can never run from the law’. 😉 He ended up still having to go for the training. Tan, though not really hot to the eye after he got his crew-cut, still manages to exudes his presence as the main character.

It’s pretty hilarous looking at the new recruits, most a softie and undisciplined, trying to get used to the routine and training. ah-boys-to-men-recruitsThis entire movie kinda reminded me of the time when Malaysia first implemented its National Service law, and we were all dreading it, praying that we won’t be selected for the training. I remember my year was the first batched for the country’s National Service Program. Anyways, I love watching movies or series like this. Where they train really lame-ass recruits until at the end, they become successful, and tough, and full of character and dicipline.


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