Humble Beginnings, Straits Quay

Looks like I’m trying a lot of cakes this month. Thanks to Imelda, I got to try the crêpe cake from the famous Humble Beginnings. 20130123-221916.jpgIt used to only be available for order online. Now they’ve opened a shop in Straits Quay, Penang. We decided to go there for Mel’s birthday. Just a little birthday treat. It’s a small little shop, with amazing cakes.

My first ever Humble Beginnings cake is a Chocolate Swiss Crêpe Cake (the only kind of chocolate cake in the house), recommended by Imelda who knows me well enough to know that I’d pick the chocolate flavoured one. 😀20130123-221926.jpgReally, really, really yummy! It’s soft and smooth, moist and velvety. Not to mention, very rich. Simply lovely. *thumbs up*

While Imee and I both had the Chocolate Swiss, Mel ordered a Peanut Butter Blueberry Crêpe Cake for herself.20130123-221934.jpgGot a taste of it. Let me just say that, I am not a fan of peanut butter. I especially hate it with bread. But this cake? Oh, this cake. Peanut butter and blueberry. It’s really nice. I might even consider getting myself one in the future, and that’s saying something, coming from someone like me who don’t really fancy peanut butter. =)

Would definitely go back for more cakes from here. Though, the downside eating it in the shop itself? They don’t seem to serve plain water. Imelda and I asked for water and they said something about ‘not enough’. Ain’t sure if its not enough water or not enough waitress. Hhmmm. So heads up, if anybody’s going to there for cakes, bring your own water or order some other drinks they offer there.

I would love to order their cakes online ( too. Seems like they have a wider variety online, as compared to those available in the shop.


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