What A Pleasant Surprise!:)

Totally unexpected. It was supposed to be a RedBox outing to celebrate Lavinia, Sharron and Serene’s birthday since their birthdays are just 2-3 days apart. And I was helping a little in the planning. So I didn’t expect it to also be a birthday celebration for me. An early one. 😉 And what’s surprising is that I never expected my cell group members to know when my birthday is, let alone remember it, given that I just started regularly going to cell group 6-7 months ago and I’ve never told them my birth date. Plus, I removed my birth date from Facebook on January the 1st, 2013, as mentioned in my earlier post. But somehow, they did. They care enough to find out, know and remember, though I don’t know how. Haha. And it’s a pleasant surprise. It’s just a simple cake and a birthday song, but it warms my heart to the core. Truly touched. And happy. 🙂 IMG_7447

A ‘Meaningful’ Birthday Wish

Right at the beginning of 2013, I made a decision. I removed my birth date from Facebook. Somehow, someway, I’ve realized that most of the wishes on Facebook barely means anything nowadays. People just wish you ‘Happy birthday!’ simply cause Facebook tells them too. It’s not as if they truly care to remember your birthday. There was a time when friends will note down your birthday and remembers it. Up till now, I remember all the birth dates of my close friends from my schooling years. No Facebook needed. I know it may seem ridiculous, but I personally don’t think so. It means so much more when someone takes the effort to note down and remember your birthday, rather then just log in on Facebook and happen to see the notification that it’s someone’s birthday.

So this year, I made that decision. And it goes both ways. I wish only my friends ‘Happy Birthday’ and really not bother much about acquaintances. I don’t even bother checking the birthday notifications on Facebook anymore. 😉 Though, now that my birthday is coming up, I’m a little curious to see how many people actually remembers without Facebook telling them. 😉 Oh well… I’d rather receive 5 meaningful birthday wishes than 100 wishes that don’t mean a thing.

The Return Of Ryan Higa~

When I first heard of the name Ryan Higa, I was probably about 21-22 years old. It was my cousin who actually told me about him. Although of course at that time, the name Ryan Higa always comes with Sean Fujiyoshi. They’re like awesome partners in crime for YouTube homemade comedy. And I thought for their age at that time, they were pretty talented to be able to come up with stuff and scripts like they did. My top 3 favs from them are ‘How To Be Ninja’, ‘How To Be Gangster’ and ‘The iPod Human’.

Let me say again, when I was entertained by these, it was 5-6 years ago. I had a real good laugh then. The kinda laugh that causes tears and side aches. But now, when I re-watch them, they don’t seem that funny anymore. It’s either, one, I’ve grown more mature (haha!), or, two, I’ve watched the videos before. But I won’t deny it take people with some talent to come up with scripts and editing (as unprofessional as it was) like that.

Now, due to attending different colleges, Ryan’s doing his own thing without Sean. And I’ve kinda lost touch for a couple of years with his videos, since it’s no longer Ryan & Sean. While some of the videos he does himself are still pretty good, there are some that seems to lack humour, sometimes bordering on him trying too hard to be funny. But a few weeks back, Ryan came up with another masterpiece. One that reminded me of his old vids. A video with real facts, dripping with sarcasm and with a touch (or rather a barrel) of humour. 😉 
I actually thought this ‘Most Annoying People On The Internet’ (MAPOTI) is pretty brilliant. And it’s so true and real that as he listed the different kinds of people, the names and faces who fits those descriptions keeps popping into my mind and I was giggling and smirking throughout the vid. Gotta say though, I’m not perfect. I’m pretty sure I’m guilty for the very last category he mentioned. 😉 Haha! Here’s to hoping he makes more awesome videos. 😉

Jack The Giant Slayer (2013)

Jack_the_Giant_Slayer_posterI was curious how this would turn out. Another childhood fairy tale turned into movie with modifications to the story line. I thoughts Disney’s ‘Tangled’ was a success, while the Johnny Depp starring ‘Alice In Wonderland’ was a flop. So I was kinda keeping my fingers crossed that this would be good. I mean, I don’t want all my childhood fairy tales destroyed by some crazy Hollywood producer who think it’d be funny to modify the storyline and add an edge to them. If it works, great. But when it crashes, it crashes bad. However, guess I don’t need to worry much for Jack The Giant Slayer cause it’s a success! 😉 I was entertained throughout the entire movie.

Male lead, Nicholas Hoult is such a sight for sore eyes. Instant cure. Lol! Jack The Giant KillerNo. He’s not the smoking hot kinda hot, but more like the dorky, geeky & nerdy kinda hot. He’s got that certain charm about him that draws you in, focuses your attention wholly on him. jack_the_giant_slayer_nicholas_houltI know he looks a little ‘lack-of-hair’ here, but damn, he is good looking. And he brings out that ‘geeky dorky adorable’ character really well. I first notice Hoult when he was in ‘X-Men : First Class’, as Beast.nicholas-hoult-xmen-1Fell for his nerdy-glasses look. My first thought when I saw him in that movie was, “Ooooo, cute~!” My first thought when I saw him again here in Jack The Giant Slayer is, “Holy sh*t! He’s adorably good looking~!”

So, I decided to look him up on Google and see how he looks like in his real life. No character to play, nothing. Just plain Nicholas Hoult. And my my, may I just say, this boy cleans up well. He can go from geeky cute to drop dead gorgeous.Nicholas+Hoult-1Gosh! When I first saw this, I forgot how to breathe for a couple of seconds. Would you look at those eyes! They come in second to Jensen Ackles’ emerald green eyes. 😉 Now we have another young and hot actor in Hollywood. I foresee that this fella may just land himself quite a couple of memorable roles in the future. 🙂

Anyways, coming back, female lead Eleanor Tomlison is not stunningly attractive in my opinion. But she has that air of elegance that it fitting for her role as a princess.eleanor-tomlinson-jack-the-giant-slayer Even when she’s captured and all dirt up, she still makes it believable as a princess. A down to earth princess.

Then there’s Ewan McGregor whose memorable performance left a lasting impression even though it was a minor role. Ewan-McGregor-in-Jack-the-Giant-SlayerHe looks kinda funny with that spiky hair and goatee. Especially that goatee. Lol. But his portrayal of noble and loyal leader of the king’s elite guards, with a side of a ‘smart-ass mouth’ and sarcasm, made it’s mark in the audiences’ minds. And the best part of this movie is seeing McGregor rolled up like a pork roll! jackewanpastryI mean come on! How many times do you get to see Hollywood heartthrob McGregor rolled up as a pork roll???jack-giant-slayer-ewan-mcgregor-pigsIt’s kinda priceless, if you ask me. 😉

Moving from humans to giants, I thought the head of the giants Falon, is not as scary as his follower, Fumm, who later betrayed him and took over as a leader. Falon, played by Bill Nighy and John Kassir is bordering on funnily evil, hence reducing its ‘menace points’. jack-the-giant-slayer-fallonThe ‘little head’ makes Falon less scary, if you ask me. He’s just so funny most of the times. Reactions and expressions. As compared to Fumm. jackthegiantslayer-fummNow, seeing Fumm gives me a feeling like the ones I feel when I’m watching the orcs from The Lord Of The Rings, even though they don’t look alike at all. 😉

All in all, a really good and entertaining show. I’d definitely buy a copy and keep, so I can watch again in the future. Great storyline, interesting characters and good looking male lead. Hello, I AM a girl afterall. Male leads do affect my opinion, even if its only a little. 😉 And I feel like a kid again when I watched the beanstalk grew up to the heavens! jack-the-giant-slayer-2I imagined it to be big when I was a kid, but never that huge! And it’s nice to feel like a kid again, once in a long while. 🙂

Beautiful Creatures (2013)

Beautiful_CreaturesDidn’t read the review or summary for this before watching the show. Had absolutely no idea what the movie is about. Comedy or drama or rom-com, or adventure. Then right before we went into the cinema, Mich told me it’s something like Twilight, and my first reaction was “Oh uh..” Not that I don’t like Twilight, but I really don’t need another vampire-human dramatic ‘I-would-die-for-you’ love story. Thank God I was in for a pleasant surprise. Yes, it’s sorta in the ‘Twilight’ feel of things, but the storyline is pretty different. Somewhat. I actually found this movie more intriguing than the Twilight saga.Main actress is newcomer on the big screens, Alice Englert. Thought she did a better job than Kristen Stewart in Twilight. At least I feel a little more character and attitude from her as Lena Duchannes.beautiful-creatures-alice-englertIt’s pretty cool that Englert makes it believable for her character, Lena, to have two contradicting personalities. The sweet angelic girl who doesn’t want to harm a soul (above) and the powerful evil being who wants revenge for her lover (below).beautiful-creatures-alice-englert-2Truthfully, I prefer watching her with the dark eyeliner. Haha. Giver her more of an edge than the boring sweet girl above. 😉

Male star in this movie, in my opinion, was a little disappointing. Simply cause he’s really not that good looking.Beautiful Creatures 5Well, okay, maybe not so much about the looks, cause when I Google him, Alden Ehrenreich, there are a couple of pics that he looks pretty okay, but there’s just something missing. A spark. That certain charm. Something. Something that causes the audience to remember the main male cast. So really, I find him very forgettable. Oh well.

The guy who actually caught my attention had a very small role in the show. Kyle Gallner, who played Lena’s cousin. beautiful creatures-kyle-gallnerThat little smirk on his face whenever he pops onto screen, leaves an impression. Haha. Though its not much of a spark, but at least it makes him memorable. See? 😉

I thought Emmy Rossum did a great job portraying crazy evil. 😉Beautiful-Creatures-_-Emmy-RossumThought she usually only takes up ‘sweet girly’ roles. So its really refreshing to see her like this, all crazy evil. Haha. Really really good job. And I thought her super short haircut was really sexy. The red-headed one, not the one shown above. 😉

Jeremy Irons really don’t look as old as he is. Lol. That’s my first thought when I saw him. beautiful-creatures-jeremy-ironsLove his calm, cool, sarcastic demeanor. He did better, much better actually, than Ehrenreich. 😉

I think what makes this better than Twilight is that the storyline has a slightly better climax than Twilight. Now, I haven’t read the books, but I sure hope it won’t end up deteriorating like Twilight did into a sappy love story. Would love to see more action. Then again, it’s all in those books, and I don’t really intend on reading them, unless someone comes and tells me it’s awesome. And that someone gotta be a regular ‘fiction book reader’. I don’t truth anyone else’s taste. I had a cousin who was so crazy over Twilight and told me how good the books are. Guess what, I can’t even get past the first book. Heh. 😉

I Never Knew That!

So, I saw this online, and I gotta say, I’m amazed. I never knew that was what the lines on the red solo cup meant. I always thought it’s just for show! 20130218-134214.jpgBut now I know better. Heh. Though, it’d be weird drinking wine out of these. Oh, well… College students usually gotta live with it. 😉

And oh wow! I’ve been doing it wrong for all the 26 years of my life! 20130305-151621.jpgGonna try that the next time I use a bobby pin, and hopefully, it’ll be able to pin more of my hair in place. It’s usually a problem for me cause I’ve got thick hair. Then again, it’s a problem maybe cause I’m doing it wrong. 😉 *fingers crossed for the next time*