First Time Baking~!

My first ever attempt in baking. Sort of, anyway. 😉 Really, it feels like it’s easy when my aunt gave me the instructions for it. But in actual fact, when those instructions are put into actions……… “Ooooopppsssss~!” Lol. Anyways, thank God my aunt was there to do 80% of the work. I helped around anywhere I can. The first thing we made was the Crème Brûlée. In my life, I’ve probably tried that dessert less than 5 times and the last time I had it was so many years ago, I kinda forgot how it tasted like.

First thing my aunt had me do was to beat the eggs. Actually, beat the egg yolks till they turn almost white. Seriously. And trust me when I say, any number of BodyPump class would not prepare you for this workout of beating the eggs. Almost had a cramp. Lol! But I somewhat succeeded. Anyways, I can’t really remember what’s the next step, but we finally managed to get it oven-ready. 20130218-133905.jpgThe above is pre-oven. Scalded my hand while trying to pour hot water into the tray holding the 4 crème brûlée cups. My aunt actually told me good-naturedly, “This shows you’ve never worked in the kitchen before~!” And I won’t deny that. Lol! Anyways, the hot water is to ensure that the crème brûlée will be heated up evenly from all sides. Place it into the oven for bout an hour, I think. Haha! Once it’s set, it’s time for the fun part. Sprinkle sugar evenly over the crème brûlée, and make sure the entire top is covered. Then, TORCH IT! 20130218-133937.jpg


2 thoughts on “First Time Baking~!

    • Haha! Gimme a couple of months. My house don’t have an appropriate oven. The baking above happened at my aunt’s house.. But I can’t wait to start baking myself… Soon, I hope! 😉

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