Dinner @ Foong Wei Heong Restaurant

This one is long time coming. Haha. I went to this restaurant for dinner with my aunts and uncles came visiting to Penang before Chinese New Year!  Yes. Before. The reason I couldn’t complete this post is simply cause I forgot the name of the restaurant. Ugh. So now that I’ve went back and check, dinner that night was a a place called Foong Wei Heong Restaurant along Sri Bahari Road. Now let me say, it’s one of the very few times that I’ve had dinner with so many dishes, but none of them having chicken in it. Chicken or pork. Haha. It’s mostly veggie and soy products. But guess what? It’s a really satisfying and pretty yummy meal. 🙂

You know how Chinese restaurants usually serve a small plate of nuts to their customers while they wait for their food? Well, over this place, they do the same thing. We got a plate of nuts. 20130218-133642.jpgBut what I like about this place is that, they don’t only serve the typical groundnuts, but they gave us the steamed nuts too! 20130218-133655.jpgI personally prefer the steamed ones. As a matter of fact, I love it! I wonder why can’t more restaurants serve this instead of those dry hard nuts. 😉

Anyways, first up we had the Seafood Claypot. 20130218-133708.jpgDon’t be fooled by its dull look. It’s actually pretty nice. Love how they put all kinds of seafood in it. And I mean, all kinds, and not the traditional fish, prawns and squid. My only complain? Crabstick. Seriously, I don’t consider crabstick a seafood. At all. Eh. But other than that? Highly satisfactory.

Next up was the Braised Beancurd With ‘Bai Ling’ Mushroom. 20130218-133720.jpgNow, I’m not really sure what in the world is a ‘Bai Ling’ mushroom, and I’m certainly not a fan of mushrooms. But this dish here? No complains. As a matter of fact, its actually the one I ate most of. Love the soft bean curd, and the mushroom, doesn’t have the usual black mushrooms’ strong taste. The sauce here is kinda addictive. It’s simple stew sauce. But it’s taste. Not too salty or sweet. Just right. And it somehow taste healthily yummy. And it’s really hard to find food that carries the word healthy and yummy in the same sentence. 😉

We also had something called Spinach Soup With Eggs And Century Eggs.20130218-133736.jpgWhen I heard the name of the dish, my first thoughts are “What the hell???” and “What kinda combo is that???” Gotta say. It taste much better than I expected it too. Though, I don’t think it’s gonna be one of my all time favourite soup. Haha. A little too bland for my liking.  😉

The Spring Roll that we ordered was just kinda normal, in my opinion.20130218-133753.jpgNothing special. Yes. They may have added some extra ingredients in it, but nothing about how it tastes pops out to me. Not bad, not particularly good. Just average.

And finally, cause my uncle wants some old style Penang noodle-ish kinda dish, we ordered the Fried Hor Fun.20130218-133805.jpgThis is good, but not the best I’ve eaten. 😉

Will I go back there for a meal? Yeah, definitely. But it’ll most probably be when I have a few relatives coming over. Don’t think I’ll go there if it’s only me and mum though. Haha. Not sure why. Just a preference. 😉


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