Beautiful Creatures (2013)

Beautiful_CreaturesDidn’t read the review or summary for this before watching the show. Had absolutely no idea what the movie is about. Comedy or drama or rom-com, or adventure. Then right before we went into the cinema, Mich told me it’s something like Twilight, and my first reaction was “Oh uh..” Not that I don’t like Twilight, but I really don’t need another vampire-human dramatic ‘I-would-die-for-you’ love story. Thank God I was in for a pleasant surprise. Yes, it’s sorta in the ‘Twilight’ feel of things, but the storyline is pretty different. Somewhat. I actually found this movie more intriguing than the Twilight saga.Main actress is newcomer on the big screens, Alice Englert. Thought she did a better job than Kristen Stewart in Twilight. At least I feel a little more character and attitude from her as Lena Duchannes.beautiful-creatures-alice-englertIt’s pretty cool that Englert makes it believable for her character, Lena, to have two contradicting personalities. The sweet angelic girl who doesn’t want to harm a soul (above) and the powerful evil being who wants revenge for her lover (below).beautiful-creatures-alice-englert-2Truthfully, I prefer watching her with the dark eyeliner. Haha. Giver her more of an edge than the boring sweet girl above. 😉

Male star in this movie, in my opinion, was a little disappointing. Simply cause he’s really not that good looking.Beautiful Creatures 5Well, okay, maybe not so much about the looks, cause when I Google him, Alden Ehrenreich, there are a couple of pics that he looks pretty okay, but there’s just something missing. A spark. That certain charm. Something. Something that causes the audience to remember the main male cast. So really, I find him very forgettable. Oh well.

The guy who actually caught my attention had a very small role in the show. Kyle Gallner, who played Lena’s cousin. beautiful creatures-kyle-gallnerThat little smirk on his face whenever he pops onto screen, leaves an impression. Haha. Though its not much of a spark, but at least it makes him memorable. See? 😉

I thought Emmy Rossum did a great job portraying crazy evil. 😉Beautiful-Creatures-_-Emmy-RossumThought she usually only takes up ‘sweet girly’ roles. So its really refreshing to see her like this, all crazy evil. Haha. Really really good job. And I thought her super short haircut was really sexy. The red-headed one, not the one shown above. 😉

Jeremy Irons really don’t look as old as he is. Lol. That’s my first thought when I saw him. beautiful-creatures-jeremy-ironsLove his calm, cool, sarcastic demeanor. He did better, much better actually, than Ehrenreich. 😉

I think what makes this better than Twilight is that the storyline has a slightly better climax than Twilight. Now, I haven’t read the books, but I sure hope it won’t end up deteriorating like Twilight did into a sappy love story. Would love to see more action. Then again, it’s all in those books, and I don’t really intend on reading them, unless someone comes and tells me it’s awesome. And that someone gotta be a regular ‘fiction book reader’. I don’t truth anyone else’s taste. I had a cousin who was so crazy over Twilight and told me how good the books are. Guess what, I can’t even get past the first book. Heh. 😉


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