The Countdown, My Take On It

We’re a week away from our country’s 13th General Election. While I used to take a rather calm and neutral stand usually, I can’t help but voice a couple of my opinions this time around. Now I won’t touch on the opposition’s claims on corruption issues or how those people of high authority in the country are misusing their power, for I don’t have solid proof, neither do I have a strong argument. Everything I know about those issues are simply read from the net and Facebook posts. So, as silly as it sounds, I’m gonna take a ‘innocent till 100% proven guilty’ stand. Or at least I’ll try not to talk and accuse anyone of anything….. yet. 😉

The stuff that pisses me off are mostly not politically based, but they’re more of those general stuff done during the campaigning period that annoys and disgusts the living daylights out of me. I’ll say this, in Penang, campaigning has been take to a whole new level. (Note : ‘A whole new level’ does not necessarily mean it’s a good thing.)

1) The flags. Oh gawd, the flags. While one party places their flags properly and spaces them nicely (well, relatively speaking), another just simply lump them all together. Not kidding. My state has been strewn with lost of blue coloured cloth. It’s becoming a real eye sore. 317313_10151868821954692_506942498_nSee what I mean? Truth be told, these scenarios tell a lot about the people campaigning. These speak really loudly of the mentalities of the people who are running for the particular area where the flags are simply strewn around like rubbish. I wonder what in the world were they thinking when they walk/drive past all these messy flags? Didn’t they see these atrocities?! Can’t they ask one of their volunteers to tidy it up properly? Seema as if they couldn’t even be bothered. Seriously, if you can’t even keep your flags in check properly, how the hell are you gonna be able to do a proper job in your assigned area? Hmph.

2) The campaign ads. Oh wow. Seriously. I think both sides are guilty of this, even if one side is slightly better than the other. But I feel both could do without dissing the other party excessively. When I attended some of the rallies, I like it when they tell us what they can do for the country and the nation, and NOT the part where they’re insulting and dissing the other party to extremes. A little dissing here and there is okay, it adds the humour, but to spend the entire half hour you’ve got just dissing another party? Not cool. Some of the candidates from both sides are guilty for this. I personally feel a real professional campaign ad should be made to tell people what you can do and contribute to the country, NOT dissing the opposing party. While both sides are guilty of these slanderous billboards and posters and rally talks, but one party takes it a step further by not only publishing it in newspapers, but also on the radio stations and television channels as well. It actually disgusts me to the point I simply turn off the radio. Whatever happened to proper campaigning? Ugh.

3) Freebies. Now, this pushed me over the edge. I’ve always kept mum on all things politics, until about a month back when I heard free laptops will be given out to students. I just snapped, and the dam of thoughts just flowed right out. Lol. But seriously, enough of giving all these material things and money! Firstly, it makes you look like you’re buying votes (boo!) and practicing money politics. Secondly, it makes people feel that even you guys aren’t even confident in your own party and its manifesto, hence needing to give away all these goodies and freebies. Thirdly, I really appreciate the 55 years of peace in this country, but,you should know, we don’t want all these temporary goodies and freebies (it’s a waste of money actually). All we want is a permanent improvement in the country’s development and also the standard of living of the nation. The future for our future generations.

All these little actions shows the kind of people on each side of this ‘GE 13 game’. I don’t know about everyone else, but to me, a person’s mentality place a pretty big role in the person’s ability to carry out a job properly. What kind of people do we want to put our country’s future in? I’ll be fair and say this. There are the good ones and the bad ones in both parties. It would be ideal to vote for the ‘good and righteous ones’ regardless of their parties. But sadly, that is not the case this time, is it? The nation has taken to pick parties instead of capable candidates. Well, that’s the bad news. But the good news is, most of the ‘lesser of two evils’ is on the same party. 😉


The death match will be this coming Sunday. Who will win and who will lose?

Saving General Yang (2013)

SavingGeneralYangAlright. I rarely watch Chinese shows. But when Mich suggested ‘Saving General Yang’, I said “Okay!” Reason? Well, somewhere in the back of my mind, I remembered the story (or rather history) of the Yang family. Really interesting, but tragic. I can’t help but wonder if this show is about that Yang family. Just had to watch it and find out. Yup. I was a little too lazy to read the synopsis. 😉

Turns out, I was right. General Yang was played by Adam Cheng. sgy_adamchengI actually took 10 minutes or so to recognize him. Not really sure if he suits this character cause he’s not really the warrior type. If I remember correctly, he suits the more flamboyant type of characters. Hence, I actually find him portraying a rather weak & feeble General Yang.

I won’t say the same thing about General Yang’s 7 sons though. The director picked all the hot or pretty boys of the east to play the roles of the sons. Really made me wonder if the actual General Yang’s sons were all that good looking. Okay, when I say good looking, I meant relatively speaking. Though I don’t find all of them really that attractive, but I gotta say, together, they make a bunch of good looking dudes, as a whole. 😉 I thought all 7 of them did a pretty good job though. They somehow managed to project the different characteristics of each brother really really well.

First up, we have the eldest son, Yang Dalang, who is played by Ekin Cheng. ekin-cheng-sgyThough I expected someone older to play the eldest son, gotta say that Ekin Cheng did a pretty good job as an eldest brother. Love how he portrays his character as strong, silent, serious and responsible. He made it so believable, you can sense immediately that this is a brother who is extremely reliable and would protect of his family till the end. No questions asked. *thumbs up*

Second son, Yang Erlang.sgy_yuboThe quiet sensible one. Played by Chinese actor, Yu Bo, this character immediately comes across to the audience as the middle person in most family affairs/conflicts. It’s also very obvious that he really looks up to his big bro. Yu Bo really lived up to his character. Even without many scenes of conflicts, you’re able to know exactly what kind of person Yang Erlang is.

Next we have Yang Sanlang, son number 3.sgy_vicchouNow, I know this guy don’t look really too appealing (at least it ain’t appealing to me), with the moustache going on. But damn, like I’ve mentioned previously in other movie reviews, I seem to have a certain attraction to archers. There’s just something about a guy being able to handle the bow and arrow well. 😉 Hence, I find myself noticing this character more, simply cause he looks so cool shooting arrows. And his silent demeanor just made him even more mysteriously attractive. 😉 Made a mental note to check up who’s the actor who played this role. And when I finally did check it up, I got a freaking shock of my life, cause the person playing this role is none other than previous F4 member, Vic Chou!!! I was speechless for a couple of seconds. Seriously. Put aside that Vic’s age is kinda young to be playing the third son in the Yang family, I can’t believe he managed to shed his pretty Taiwanese boyband look soooooo well! I mean, this is what he looks like in real life. Vic ChouI’m actually very impressed. As impressed as I was when I watch Rihanna play the tough navy chick in ‘Battleship‘. And that, coming from me, is hell of a compliment, considering Vic is one of my least favourite member from F4. So, really, great job!

Chinese actor Li Chen played the part of Yang Silang, the 4th son of the Yang family. sgy_lichenThis fella kinda slipped my mind. I can’t really remember much of him from the movie except the last part where he fought to delay the soldiers in catching up with his other brothers. Oh well, in life, there are bound to be one or two who slips from the mind. 😉

Son number 5, Yang Wulang, is played by Hong Kong heartthrob, Raymond Lam. sgy_raymond lamHe portrays the kind-hearted 5th son really well. The son who is an expert in medicine and treating injuries. Despite having to act like a tough fearless warrior, Raymond manages to incorporate a certain gentleness to the other side of his character as well. Great job there.

The 6th son, Yang Liulang, who’s also sort of the main character of the show (not exactly the main character but ‘sort of’ simply cause he had a little more screen time and focus of the storyline as compared to his ‘brothers’), is played by Taiwanese actor, Wu Chun. sgy_wuchun2Gotta say, he didn’t really make an impression on me during the first half of the show. Or maybe it was his character’s personality. Soft-spoken with a tad of cheekiness. Very pleasant. But towards the end, you’ll find yourself find him a little endearing. Wu Chun did an averagely good job as the 2nd youngest son.He manages to bring forth the character and made the audience truly believe he’s the 2nd youngest in the band of brothers. The brother who is trying to be more responsible and serious like all his older brothers, but at the same time can’t help exuding his youthfulness. One thing I must say though, Wu Chun have a pretty great looking bod. 😉sgy_wuchunI seldom notice bodies of Asian celebs, but damn, this is pretty nice. 😉 Not over bulked up, not too lean. Just the right amount of muscles, though if the abs are slightly more defined, it would be awesome. Lol! However, maybe it’s just the angle, cause Wu Chun looked kinda average size when he had his clothes on, on screen, unlike the above picture where the shoulders look pretty damn attractive. Oh well. 😉

Finally we have youngest son, Yang Qilang.sgy_fuxinboChinese singer Fu Xinbo nailed this character. Youngest brother. Filled with mischief, lack of patience, short tempered. The minute you see him, you know he’s the youngest. Unfortunately for him, he has less screen time then the rest of his fellow cast members who played his brothers.

I thought one of the most gruesome scenes of the show is when the brothers arrived at the battlefield which their father had lost.saving general yang gruesomeI remember a short clip where they showed the hooves of the horses stepping on mud drenched in blood. Kinda does something to a person (oh well, a person like me) when he/she starts wondering just how many people have to be slaughtered before you can soak up the earth with blood. Confession. I said a silent prayer then that hopefully the world will  never experience physical war again.

Yup, there are a couple other characters, but none of which left an impact in my mind, so I’m really not bothered to write bout them. Haha. The 7 Yang brothers actually stole the entire show. Well, no surprise there, right? 😉

When I saw all the brothers, I was thinking, the young girls are so gonna eat this up. No, they’re not gorgeous, but you have to admit, together as a group, they make a bunch of really good looking guys.sgy_sonsI mean, individually, you may just fin them above average to pretty good looking in looks, but when they’re put together, you can help but lump them together as ‘the group of good looking brothers’. 😉 And I was right. The fans were all over these ‘brothers’ that they even did a photo shoot of them as the modern version of the Yang brothers/warriors. sgy_sons_modernAnd I thought, these are all photo shoots and scenes from the movie where they have been made up to look manly and good. So I googled a little more and came across this picture of all 7 stars attending a function. No make-up, nothing. Just them in their nice suits. sgy_sons_modern2Well, well, well. Still a pretty good looking bunch as a whole, don’t ya think? 😉

Dinner @ Nyonya Breeze

20130422-131600.jpgWent to this restaurant for dinner with mum 2 nights ago. It’s been almost a year since we last came here. I used to love the food here cause they serves those dishes that I usually only get to eat once a year, which is during Chinese New Year. Traditional nyonya-chinese dishes. Gotta say though, this time around, I was a little disappointed. No wonder there were only 2 tables occupied when we walked in that night. 😉

We ordered the usual ‘Kapitan Curry Chicken’.20130422-131609.jpgNow, this hasnt’ change a bit. Still as nice a before. But it was served kinda cold. Well, not really cold, but definitely not steaming hot, and that really makes it drop a couple of points. We had to ask them to heat it up again. But other than that, it’s pretty yummy, as far as kapitan curry chicken goes.

Then we had the ‘Jiu Hu Char’.20130422-131615.jpgNow this dish, had me a little disappointed. Not only was it served cold, but the taste seemed to have changed since the last time I came. Let me just say, it’s a little hard to cook a really nyonya styled ‘Jiu Hu Char’. Most of the restaurants and economy rice shops tend to have altered or modified it. So this is one of the places that manages to make it the nyonya style. Unfortunately, I think it tastes better a year ago when I last came here. But then again, it’s still better than some of the places I’ve tried before. 😉

I saw this on the menu and was tempted to order it. So, I did. 😉20130422-131620.jpg‘Otak-otak’. Nope. Not seafood or anything. Just plain ‘Otak-otak’. Generally nice, but kinda too sweet for my liking. I’ve definitely tried better ones. 😉

All in all, it was a pretty okay meal. Will I go back there for dinner? Maybe, but definitely not in the near future. The food and atmosphere don’t really make me feel like going back anything soon. 😉

Lunch @ Hou Mei Yuen

One of my favourite places to go for lunch during my uni years. The boy, or well, ex-boy, recommended me to this place. Kinda glad he did, cause I love the food here. Located on the ground floor of the flats opposite the Bukit Jambul Complex, Hou Mei Yuen serves mainly ‘pan mee’.20130422-131423.jpg‘Pan mee’ is supposedly a Hakka-style noodle, originating from Malaysia. Besides the ‘pan mee’ they also serve a small variety of ‘dim sum’. There’s also a ‘rojak’ stall right next to the shop. Even though most of the tables and chairs are arranged out in the open area, lunch here is usually cooling and nice cause we’re all seated underneath the shade of big huge trees. 20130422-131432.jpgOf course there’s that small problem where there’s a possibility of ‘things’ falling from the tree right into your food. =P But we try not to think of that when we’re eating there. Haha. Besides, it’s only a very low possibility. 😉 The food is worth the chances. Lol. I usually order the ‘flat pan mee in soup’. 20130422-131458.jpg‘Flat pan mee’ is flat (of course) and wide. I love the soup. It’s simply delicious. Cooked with ‘ikan bilis’ (anchovies), the soup tastes absolutely yummy, and healthy. You can barely see any oil floating in it actually. Lol. I usually order this with extra fishballs. My mum opted for the ‘dry thin pan mee’.20130422-131515.jpgThe ‘thin pan mee’ is a little more like yellow noodles, in size. The texture and taste is a total different thing of course. I didn’t really like the dry one cause it’s cooked in soy sauce. It’s not bad, really. But it just doesn’t have the unique taste of the anchovies soup. They do however serve you the fishballs in a separate bowl with a little bit of the soup. 😉 Mum and I ordered a so-called side dish. The ‘siu mai’! 20130422-131527.jpg‘Siu mai’ here is really nice. At least to me. Not my top favourite, but definitely one of my favs. They have a couple other kinds of ‘dim sum’ served there, but I really just wanted the ‘siu mai’. 😉 Sadly the rojak stall was close on the day mum and I went there to eat. The rojak is pretty nice too. Take note that the only drinks served here is either ‘Luo Hon Ko’ or iced ‘Sui Phui’.20130422-131534.jpgBut I’m not complaining, and neither is anyone else who comes here to eat. 🙂 It just goes very well with the food.

Considering the lack of variety in food, the fact that this place is packed during lunch time speaks a lot about how nice the food is. Or at least the ‘flat pan mee in soup’ is. 😉

Girls’ Catch-up @ The Twelve Cups, Beach Street

I thought the only place in Penang to have crepe cake is Humble Beginnings, Straits Quay. But I was wrong. Seems like there’s another place that’s much nicer, comfier and spacious, as compared to the small shop of Humble Beginnings at Straits Quay.

The Twelve Cups. Yup. That’s the name of the shop, located along Beach Street, Penang.20130415-180915.jpgAt first I thought it’d would probably be more of a coffee-based shop, but apparently no. Not really anyway. The attraction there it their crepe cake.20130415-180922.jpgGlad Hui suggested this place for our girls meet-up with Cherrie last Sunday. I love trying new places. Lately it’s like a ‘thing’ for me to try new places and write about it. Haha. And this is one place I’m really happy to be introduced to. Besides parking being a slight problem if you’re a lady and is suppose to go there at night (cause it’s kinda dark on the road at Beach Street), this is a really nice place to chill and hangout. The sofa chairs just makes it just that much more comfortable. 🙂

Anyways, we ordered 4 cakes to be shared among the 5 of us girls. 20130415-180940.jpgI find it rather silly to use 80% of the plate to write words with chocolate syrup while the cake is squeezed into the remaining 20%. On top of that, whatever’s written just doesn’t make sense. Some sounds silly even. ‘Be Happy’ is kinda way too cliche and cheesy, but it’s still okay. ‘Sunday I’m In Love’? Please. Just please. Bleh. 😉

Cake number 1. Tiramisu 20130415-180954.jpgPretty yummy, if I may say so. I love how the cakes, all four of them actually, are so soft, your fork just slide all the way from the top right down to the plate. The Tiramisu ain’t too creamy like some of the Tiramisu’s that I’ve tried elsewhere. The blend of the coffee taste with the rest of the cake ingredients is just nice, none of it overpowering the other.

Cake number 2. Hokkaido Milk20130415-181012.jpgThis is way too milky for my liking. Way way way too milky. It’s like the whole thing is made of solely milk. Don’t get me wrong. I do drink milk. But as a cake, it’s just too much. It doesn’t even taste like a cake. It’s more like eating milk crepe. 😛

Cake number 3. Mango20130415-181006.jpgOh gawd. This is so bad, I cringe when I took my first bite. Bleh! But I guess this depends on preference cause it seems like one of my friends, Wei Yi, actually liked it, though, I think she’s the only one. 😉

Cake number 4. Coffee Chocolate20130415-181000.jpgThis is my favourite. It’s so yummy, I decided to buy a slice back for my mum who doesn’t like cakes. And even she said it’s yummy! So it’s a big thumbs up for this one. 🙂

I actually prefer the cakes here, as opposed to the one at Humble Beginnings, despite my lack of interest in the Hokkaido Milk and Mango. The cakes here are softer and slight more moist. Though, I really have no complains for the Humble Beginnings cakes as well. 😉

After filling our bellies with these yummy (and not-so-yummy cakes), we had a short photo session at the nearby carpark where we parked our cars. Or rather, cam-whoring session. 😉 I gotta say, I miss hanging out with my high school friends.20130415-181026.jpg20130415-181019.jpgThe true and real ones are really hard to replace. But I guess the same goes with current adult friends, even though the number of sincere ones might be lower. 😉 I’m glad to say, I’m blessed enough to have met a handful of really good friends over the past few years. 🙂 True friends are rare, and I’m glad I’ve got them. The old and new ones alike. 🙂

‘Draw My Life’ By Ryan Higa

I saw Ryan Higa sharing his latest video on Facebook a couple days back. Gotta say, this is one of the best video he has ever made, if not the best. This video is not one of his typical silly-funny skits, but instead, it’s a sharing of his life’s story, in drawing. Well, he’s not really an artist, so stick figures count as drawings for him I guess. Haha! 😉 But, it is inspiring, it gives encouragements, it’s real and true and sincere, it has moral values, it’s very relatable on many different levels or ages, AND, it has his usual humour in it. Would recommend everyone to watch this at least once, if not for the inspiration and a ‘lift-me-up’ when you’re having a bad day, then just for pure entertainment sake. 😉

<3 FUN. <3

Since the days of Backstreet Boys, Westlife and a1, I haven’t found a band that I can truly call ‘one of my favourite bands’, until now. And this is a real band. The music instruments, live music and all. With their songwriting skills that produces really unique songs and their ability to sing and play live (really well, if I may say so), there’s not doubt at all thatFUN. caught my attention for good. The band is made up of 3 guys who may not have ‘those stereotypical boyband looks’, but definitely have more talent than a few boybands combined together. ;)Fun_325I’ll admit that I only found out bout this band after their hit single from their second album ‘We Are Young’ hit the radio stations last year. But at that time I just thought that it’s a really cool and unique song. Love the song, yes. But one good song doesn’t make me interested in a band. Then when ‘Some Nights’ was released, I decided that I really had to check out this band cause their songs are really pretty awesome. So I went to search for the songs from their first album and their latest second album. That’s when I fell in love with this band. Their first album is really not that popular, but it has some of the nicest songs ever written. And every song from both their albums have that distinctive style that sets them apart from all artistes in the market today. Every single song was written by them. They don’t need to hire a songwriter like most artistes do nowadays. And when I YouTube for some of their concerts’ clips, I was pretty much blown away. Sometimes they have a full band with them, but other times, it’s just Andrew on the piano, Jack on the guitar, and Nate singing solo. No engineered music, no pre-recorded sounds. Just pure raw music. Super nice. Watching them play and sing live so well just officially made them one of my favourite band of all times.

The 3 of them really are a bunch of musically talented guys. As someone who absolutely loves music, I find it hard to resist fawning over bands like this. Haha.

There’s Andrew Dost, the musical genius. He can play a whole lot of musical instruments.8434998826_2fb220888d_zIn the band, Andrew mainly plays the piano and keyboard. But he can also play the guitar, bass guitar, trumpet, French horn, Flugelhorn and the drums. See what I mean? Freaking musical genius.

Then there’s the guitarist, Jack Antonoff.Jack-Antonoff-620x400I am mad crazy over his guitar skills. No doubt he’s good at electric guitar as well. But when I hear him play the acoustic guitar in some of the unplugged versions of fun.’s songs, I pray every night that I’ll be able to do that one fine day. Top it off, this fella plays drums too.

Finally we have the voice of the band. Nate Ruess.Nate+Ruess+KIIS+FM+2012+Jingle+Ball+Night+0U1FMFU3vUIlLet me just say that I’m so in love with his voice. Really. And the way he sings the songs. Try listening to some of the live performance to feel the goosebumps. The good kind. ;)And even though he plays no instruments, he is just as talented. Nate Ruess has crazy mad skills in composing songs. He’s like the main songwriter for many of the songs on their album. With all that talent going on, I might just have develop a little crush on fun.’s lead singer. Yes, I’ve developed a crush on this skinny jeans and high-water pants wearing lead singer. But no, he will never surpass my TV boyfriend, Jensen Ackles, as the most perfect guy in the universe.tumblr_ly6apgsHMr1qh5df5o1_500Just saying. :P Lol!

Yeah, I have a thing for musically talented guys. ;) That’s why I think these guys from fun. are awesome even though they’re really not that fantastically good looking. ;)

Another thing that stands out about this band is their openness in defending the LGBT community. Andrew, Jack and Nate are straight guys (they made that statement loud and clear at quite a number of interviews), though they sometimes look otherwise. ;)mainfun-grammys-456-feb-10-2013Especially with the skinny jeans and high-water pants that they like to wear so much. Not to mention wearing their shoes without any socks or with really bright statement-making socks.tumblr_m6mkopumGO1qivt8go1_500See what I mean? ;) But they’ve all stated that they’re straight with Jack dating Lena Dunham and Nate dating Jack’s sister, Rachel Antonoff (though there are rumours claiming they just broke up, oh well). And yet, they made sure their stand is heard loud and clear. Together with Rachel, fun. created The Ally Coalition to fight for marriage equality. According to them, if you don’t voice out and make your stand, it’s the same as you’re supporting marriage inequality and discrimination of the LGBT community. Word.

I’m as straight as a chopstick. Lol. I’m a girl who loves guys. I’m interested in guys. I’d love to find a nice guy and get married in the future. But that doesn’t mean I have to support only straight marriage and be against same-sex marriage. I don’t think there’s a need to discriminate people just because they prefer to love those of their own gender. Everybody deserves a chance at love. Usually girls are more open to fighting for this cause. Straight men are more reserved, specially straight men in Asia. Maybe they feel it affects their manliness of something. And that is another reason why fun. stand out to me as a great band. Besides their musical talents, they decided to put their fame to good use. They’re not ashamed or shy to voice their support for marriage equality. They aren’t worried that their dressing and their stand in marriage equality may reduce their manliness. THAT‘s what makes them so (1)fun ewSo yeah, pretty obvious I’m now a fun. fan. :) Love all their songs in both their albums. Would recommend it to anyone who’s interested in real music. Some songs may need a second or third hearing before you’ll start really like them, but I can guarantee, almost every song will be addictive once you’ve heard it 2-3 times. ;)

Just in case you don’t know (yes, I’ve got friends who knows and love the songs, but don’t know they’re actually from fun.), some of their more famous songs are ‘We Are Young’, ‘Some Nights’ and ‘Carry On’. ;)

But among all their songs, I like this one the best. It’s from their first album, Aim And Ignite. It’s called ‘The Gambler’, written by Nate for his parents. One of the sweetest and most beautiful love songs ever written without all those sappy lyrics. ;) Enjoy!