Warm Bodies (2013)

Warm_Bodies_Theatrical_PosterWhen I first heard of this show and saw the poster, I thought it looked like some low budget movie. Wasn’t really interested to watch it. That is, of course, until I found out this show stars Nicholas Hoult. 😉 And I thought, well, however bad this show is, at least there’s an eye candy to watch, right? Kinda forgot that the said ‘eye candy’ was made up to be a brain-eating zombie in this movie though. =p

Nonetheless, I’m glad I did watch this show in the cinema. It’s a really really nice show in my opinion. Pretty average storyline, but what makes this zombie movie different from others is that, this has a happy ending. A really sweet and happy ending. And as cliche as it may sound, I like happy endings. Don’t really fancy the kinda movies that everyone dies in the end, or maybe one or two left alive at the end. Unless of course, those movies have really good storyline, like ‘Armageddon’ or ‘I Am Legend’. As far as zombie movies go, this one is pretty much a ‘feel-good’ one.

In my opinion, even with the crazy makeup on his face, Nicholas Hoult still manages to look……. endearing, somehow. In a zombie-ish kinda way. 😉warm-bodies-image-nicholas-hoult (2)I love the internal monologues done by Hoult’s character, R. It’s funny. But it’s very natural, cause it sounds like the kind of things we’d think if we were in that situation. Thought he did a great job making himself a lovable zombie (which I’m pretty sure is required by this movie, as it is a chick flick afterall) as well. Really can’t help but just go ‘aawww’ over his character. It’s just to sweet, his fascination and care for the human girl. I actually like watching Hoult here even more than in Jack, The Giant Slayer. Seriously. 🙂

Female lead, Teresa Palmer fits into the roll like its her second skin.Warm Bodies - Teresa PalmerFor a while at the beginning of the show, I was wondering if she is Kristen Stewart with her hair dyed blonde. But no. After a while it’s not hard to differentiate them. Two different acting styles. I kinda thought Palmer has this subtle physical beauty. It’s not the kind of Hollywood beauty that makes people drool over her, but the kind that makes people like her.

The other person who stood out in this movie for me was main character, Julie’s (played by Palmer) bestie. She’s only a minor character, but somehow, her quirkiness and humor caught my attention. analeigh-tipton-in-warm-bodies_originalActress Analeigh Tipton did a pretty good job, considering she managed to shine in her role as a minor character. And I spent the entire movie wondering why she looks so familiar to me. So I came home and googled her. Lo behold, no wonder she looks familiar. As a fan of America’s Next Top Model, I never missed any cycle of that reality series. And Analeigh here is the top 3 finalist in ANTM cycle 11. No wonder she looks so familiar. She was one of my favourite during that cycle, second only to Samantha Potter who was a finalist as well. Here are some of her best shots during that cycle.analeigh_ANTM1YouÕre Beautiful, Now ChangeThe Final FiveLove the last picture above. Edgy with a feminine touch. Really didn’t know she could act as well. Haha. But good job for someone who has not much experience in acting.

I thought the villains in this movie aren’t scary at all, considering it’s supposed to be a zombie-movie. The bonies, that’s what they’re called. warm-bodies-preview-boniesSupposedly skeletal zombies who’ve irretrievably lost all traces of humanity. Fairly easy to kill though. Guess the show is not bout killing these bonies. 😉

Watch out for this.
nicholas-hoult-warm-bodiesKinda funny. The awkward moment when you find a zombie book and compare its cover with the zombie sitting in front of you. =P Haha!

As ironic as it sounds, this ‘zombie-movie’ left me feeling warmth in my heart. Kinda made me think that, maybe sometimes, the world just needs a little tender loving care. =) Then again, maybe not. This only happens in movies. =P

Would definitely but a copy for myself so I can watch it whenever I want. 🙂

P.S : Didn’t tag this as ‘horror’ cause it doesn’t seem very horrific to me. 😉


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