A Princess For Christmas (2011)

APrincessForChristmas2011PosterThis, without a doubt, it an all-round feel good Christmas movie, which I watched about 2 weeks ago. Yeah, a little late for Christmas, but hey, to me, there’s no allocated time to watch a feel good movie. 😉 It’s pretty obvious that this is actually a slightly medium to low budget kind of movie. But lucky for it, almost everybody loves a sappy cheesy story once in a while. Specially if it is a Christmas themed movie. Typical cliche storyline. As a matter of fact, it’s so typical that there’s not really any climax to the movie. Poor girl visits duke, fell in love with duke’s son, duke breaks up with his girlfriends, marry the poor girl in the end. It’s just the kind of movie that puts a smile on your face throughout the show. That is, if you’re a girl, or a guy who likes happy endings. 😉

The ‘princess’ of the movie is played by Irish actress Katie McGrath. Katie_McGrath_A_Princess_for_Christmas_TV_Movie-12Thought she looked fairly fake here. Don’t get me wrong. She’s got all the ‘pretty-look’ going along very well. But, I think she tried too hard to be cheerful and bubbly, that it ended up looking really forced. Which was kinda surprising cause, I thought she’s quite an above average actress when I first saw her in the series, Merlin. Quite captivating as the sweet girl turned evil, Morgana. morgana (1)Merlin 5She had that certain aura around her that attracts your attention when she was playing the role of Morgana. Unfortunately though, in this movie, she falls kinda flat. But luckily, you can’t really go too wrong with a Christmas-princess-themed movie, so it didn’t really destroy the show. 😉

Male lead was played by a Sam Heughan. Never heard of him before, maybe cause he’s a Scottish actor, but he does look like a prince. He’s got that regal and classy style about him. aprincessforchristmas2011_samheughanDefinitely above average looking. From certain angles, he can be considered pretty good looking in my opinion. I do find him a little stiff in his acting though. Just a little. Or maybe it’s just the storyline that didn’t allow him to explore his character. 😉

English actor Roger Moore, plays the grumpy turned warm and friendly Duke of Castlebury. A Princess Story Roger MooreThink he played the grumpy Duke better than the warm and friendly one, but then again, as I’ve mentioned above, could be the problem of the script which barely leaves any area for character development. I mean, he is the actor who replaced Sean Connery as James Bond, so there must be something to his acting skills right? 😉

But the character which caught my attention is the butler, Paisley.a-princess-for-christmas_butlerMiles Richardson portrays this character really well, making him very likable. The friendly but smart butler, who does things for the good of the Duke. 🙂

Overall, this is what I’d consider a medium to low budget show. But as I’ve said, you can’t really go wrong with a ‘Christmas-princess-themed’ movie. In the harsh world we live in today, it’s nice to escape into this kinda childhood fantasy once in a while. Would say it’s a good movie, but at least it leaves you smiling and your heart feeling warm, at the end of the show. 🙂A-Princess-for-Christmas-Katie-McGrath-Sam-Heughan-kiss


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