The Big Bad Wolf Book Sale

For those who don’t know about this, The Big Bad Wolf Book Sale is a book fair where books are sold at 75-95% discount! The books are seriously dirt cheap! Book lovers will absolutely go mad in there, provided of course you go when the stocks aren’t sold out. 😉

I missed the one in Penang last year, and told myself I must not miss the next one. So, when I found out that the the book fair is back again this year, I made sure I didn’t miss it. Went during a weekday so as to avoid the crowd. I saw many people with shitloads of books queuing up at the cashier. Some as many as 40-50 books. Kinda shocking though. Made me wonder if they’re buying just for the sake of buying cause it’s cheap (yes, there are people like that) or do they really read every single one of the books bought. 😉 I didn’t get many, only managed to pick out 6 books that I’m interested in. But I’m happy enough, cause all those six books, including 2 which are hard cover, cost only RM 48! When usually, a single book easily cost RM 49.90. So now, at least for a couple of months, I don’t have to worry about splurging on books. =)20130407-202635.jpg


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