G.I. Joe : Retaliation (2013)

G.I._JOE_RetaliationAbsolute disappointment. I can’t even begin to express how disappointed I am in the show. Ugh. It’s a major failure as compared to the first show, G.I. Joe : The Rise Of The Cobra (2009). I actually like the first show, so I was really really looking forward towards this second show. But now, I wish I haven’t gone and wasted my time watching it. Bleh. Be warned. Major spoiler ahead. Like, really major spoiler. I usually don’t bother to put this warning, but I think this spoiler is way to big to not give some sort or warning.

Now starts my rant.

I really don’t understand why in the big wide world would they put Channing Tatum on the poster when his character is gonna be killed of after the first 15-20 minutes of the show??? And really?? I’m sure to many, ‘Duke’ is like the main character in G.I. Joe. We all expected him to be around for at least a couple of the installments. Kill him off in the first quarter of an hour, and I spend almost the entire show wondering if he’s really dead, or if he’ll suddenly pop up sometime to save the day. Sad to say, he’s’ dead for good, as far as this show goes.channing-tatum-as-captain-duke-hauser-inIt’s just weird. No ‘Duke’ in a G.I. Joe movie, is like no Optimus Prime in a Transformers movie. Killing off ‘Duke’ in G.I. Joe at the beginning of the show is like killing off Aragon or Legolas or Frodo at the beginning of The Lord Of The Rings. See what I mean? Bleh! 😦 Anyways, some guys look good and manly with scars on their faces, but gotta say though, Tatum don’t suit the ‘scarred-face’ look. Or maybe it was just that the scar was not placed nicely. =P

So, with Tatum ‘demoted’ from main cast to a minor role, the producers decided to rope in a big name. Somewhat, anyway. Dwayne Johnson.gi-joe-2-retaliation-movie-image-dwayne-johnsonNot really a fan of Dwayne Johnson. But not a hater as well. There are some of his movies that I enjoyed watching, but this is definitely not one of them. I guess Tatum left him some really big shoes to fill. Or maybe I was just annoyed and disappointed throughout the movie cause ‘Duke’ died. =P

I guess the producers themselves were a little unsure how the audience will react to Tatum’s character’s death, so they decided to throw in another even bigger name as one of the supporting cast. preview-gi-joe-retaliation-new-featurette-for-bruce-willis-joeBruce Willis. Well. At least something that I enjoy. Not an avid fan of his, but I enjoy most of his shows. It’s nice when he throws in some sarcastic humor and is not all that serious. He wasn’t given enough screen time, though. I expected him to have a slightly bigger role. Hhmmm. Love his entrance into the movie though. Slick.

Then there’s Storm Shadow.shadow-hawk-gi-joe-lee-byung-hunWhen I saw this, first thing in my mind was, “HOLY SHIT!” Haha! I mean, can you blame me? Look at that bod! And he’s really not bad looking, especially for an Asian. 😉 Didn’t really like him in G.I. Joe : The Rise Of The Cobra, but in this installment, there’s enough growth and development for Byung-hun Lee’s character. And realizing that he’s really not that bad a person, makes it really easy to like Lee’s character this time around. If I may say so, Storm Shadow is my favourite for this movie. 🙂

After the white ninja, we have the black ninja, Snake Eyes.gi-joe-retaliation-ray-park
Didn’t really like him. Unlike in the previous G.I. Joe movie where even with his face covered, he manages to portray his emotions and seemed real, Snake Eyes is kinda like a robot here in the second show. And it’s really disappointing that they let him use guns more than his sword fighting skills. Really hate his outfit as well. Looks much bulkier than before. Overall, I’m kinda disappointed in Snake Eyes. He pales in comparison to Storm Shadow, this time.

One of the new members introduced to the G.I. Joe team is Flint, played by D.J. Cotrona.dj-cotrona-interview-gi-joe-retaliationBesides his good looks, he’s got that little charm in him that catches your attention. But sadly though, his character is just somewhat a little bland. Maybe he’ll have more chance to shine in the following installment if, one, there is still another G.I. Joe movie and two, the producers don’t decide to change almost the entire cast again. *smirk* Anyway, we girls got to treat our eyes to another hot bod, so definitely no complains there. 😉the-rock-dj-cotronaCotrona’s really got the bod. I mean, wow. If only he is a little taller, then his bod would be almost perfect. But like I said, I’m not complaining. 😉

The only female cast plays a new member of the G.I. Joes, Lady Jaye. G.I. JOE: RETALIATIONActress Adrianne Palicki did a pretty decent job as a ‘rough tough’ combat girl. Didn’t really like her at the beginning of the show. However, towards the end, you’ll find yourself slowly liking her character. But she kinda falls far off the mark that was set by her predecessor, Rachel Nichols who plays Scarlett, the previous female member of the G.I. Joes. gi_joe_scarlettI actually prefer her to Palicki, a lot. She looks and feels more down to earth. I wished they had brought her back on board for this second movie.

As a matter of fact, I was actually expecting the old cast to remain while adding a few new members to the team. But sadly that’s not the case. Personally, I thought the old team have better chemistry together than this new team. g_i_joe_pictureAnd I really like the old team. Really can’t bring myself to like the new G.I. Joes in Retaliation. Oh well.

Bear in mind that my opinions may have been a little biased cause I spent half the time of the movie wondering if Duke is really dead and the other half trying get over the fact that they killed off Duke. And it’s not at the end where he dies sacrificially or something like that, but instead he was killed off by a blast during the first 15 minutes of the show! No. I am not a fan of Channing Tatum, but I find his role in G.I. Joe pretty essential. And it’s just not cool. Oh well.


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