Dinner @ Nyonya Breeze

20130422-131600.jpgWent to this restaurant for dinner with mum 2 nights ago. It’s been almost a year since we last came here. I used to love the food here cause they serves those dishes that I usually only get to eat once a year, which is during Chinese New Year. Traditional nyonya-chinese dishes. Gotta say though, this time around, I was a little disappointed. No wonder there were only 2 tables occupied when we walked in that night. 😉

We ordered the usual ‘Kapitan Curry Chicken’.20130422-131609.jpgNow, this hasnt’ change a bit. Still as nice a before. But it was served kinda cold. Well, not really cold, but definitely not steaming hot, and that really makes it drop a couple of points. We had to ask them to heat it up again. But other than that, it’s pretty yummy, as far as kapitan curry chicken goes.

Then we had the ‘Jiu Hu Char’.20130422-131615.jpgNow this dish, had me a little disappointed. Not only was it served cold, but the taste seemed to have changed since the last time I came. Let me just say, it’s a little hard to cook a really nyonya styled ‘Jiu Hu Char’. Most of the restaurants and economy rice shops tend to have altered or modified it. So this is one of the places that manages to make it the nyonya style. Unfortunately, I think it tastes better a year ago when I last came here. But then again, it’s still better than some of the places I’ve tried before. 😉

I saw this on the menu and was tempted to order it. So, I did. 😉20130422-131620.jpg‘Otak-otak’. Nope. Not seafood or anything. Just plain ‘Otak-otak’. Generally nice, but kinda too sweet for my liking. I’ve definitely tried better ones. 😉

All in all, it was a pretty okay meal. Will I go back there for dinner? Maybe, but definitely not in the near future. The food and atmosphere don’t really make me feel like going back anything soon. 😉


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