The Countdown, My Take On It

We’re a week away from our country’s 13th General Election. While I used to take a rather calm and neutral stand usually, I can’t help but voice a couple of my opinions this time around. Now I won’t touch on the opposition’s claims on corruption issues or how those people of high authority in the country are misusing their power, for I don’t have solid proof, neither do I have a strong argument. Everything I know about those issues are simply read from the net and Facebook posts. So, as silly as it sounds, I’m gonna take a ‘innocent till 100% proven guilty’ stand. Or at least I’ll try not to talk and accuse anyone of anything….. yet. 😉

The stuff that pisses me off are mostly not politically based, but they’re more of those general stuff done during the campaigning period that annoys and disgusts the living daylights out of me. I’ll say this, in Penang, campaigning has been take to a whole new level. (Note : ‘A whole new level’ does not necessarily mean it’s a good thing.)

1) The flags. Oh gawd, the flags. While one party places their flags properly and spaces them nicely (well, relatively speaking), another just simply lump them all together. Not kidding. My state has been strewn with lost of blue coloured cloth. It’s becoming a real eye sore. 317313_10151868821954692_506942498_nSee what I mean? Truth be told, these scenarios tell a lot about the people campaigning. These speak really loudly of the mentalities of the people who are running for the particular area where the flags are simply strewn around like rubbish. I wonder what in the world were they thinking when they walk/drive past all these messy flags? Didn’t they see these atrocities?! Can’t they ask one of their volunteers to tidy it up properly? Seema as if they couldn’t even be bothered. Seriously, if you can’t even keep your flags in check properly, how the hell are you gonna be able to do a proper job in your assigned area? Hmph.

2) The campaign ads. Oh wow. Seriously. I think both sides are guilty of this, even if one side is slightly better than the other. But I feel both could do without dissing the other party excessively. When I attended some of the rallies, I like it when they tell us what they can do for the country and the nation, and NOT the part where they’re insulting and dissing the other party to extremes. A little dissing here and there is okay, it adds the humour, but to spend the entire half hour you’ve got just dissing another party? Not cool. Some of the candidates from both sides are guilty for this. I personally feel a real professional campaign ad should be made to tell people what you can do and contribute to the country, NOT dissing the opposing party. While both sides are guilty of these slanderous billboards and posters and rally talks, but one party takes it a step further by not only publishing it in newspapers, but also on the radio stations and television channels as well. It actually disgusts me to the point I simply turn off the radio. Whatever happened to proper campaigning? Ugh.

3) Freebies. Now, this pushed me over the edge. I’ve always kept mum on all things politics, until about a month back when I heard free laptops will be given out to students. I just snapped, and the dam of thoughts just flowed right out. Lol. But seriously, enough of giving all these material things and money! Firstly, it makes you look like you’re buying votes (boo!) and practicing money politics. Secondly, it makes people feel that even you guys aren’t even confident in your own party and its manifesto, hence needing to give away all these goodies and freebies. Thirdly, I really appreciate the 55 years of peace in this country, but,you should know, we don’t want all these temporary goodies and freebies (it’s a waste of money actually). All we want is a permanent improvement in the country’s development and also the standard of living of the nation. The future for our future generations.

All these little actions shows the kind of people on each side of this ‘GE 13 game’. I don’t know about everyone else, but to me, a person’s mentality place a pretty big role in the person’s ability to carry out a job properly. What kind of people do we want to put our country’s future in? I’ll be fair and say this. There are the good ones and the bad ones in both parties. It would be ideal to vote for the ‘good and righteous ones’ regardless of their parties. But sadly, that is not the case this time, is it? The nation has taken to pick parties instead of capable candidates. Well, that’s the bad news. But the good news is, most of the ‘lesser of two evils’ is on the same party. 😉


The death match will be this coming Sunday. Who will win and who will lose?


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