Flying Rumours

With the recent ‘events’ since Sunday night, Facebook has become a madhouse. Nope. Not kidding. If you’ve got a lot of Malaysian friends, you’ll know what I mean. First there were all the pissed off, sad, disappointed and disbelief statuses. The one thing all those statuses have in common is that they’re all laced with utmost disgust. Those? were fine. I understand how everyone felt. But what came the next day is the start of a ridiculous craze, that I’m sure will go on for quite some time, on Facebook.

Some idiot said some stupid thing and now the entire Facebook, and even my Whatsapp, are filled with all kinds of rumours flying around. Everyone is urged to go for ‘this rally’. Everyone is urged not to go out if unnecessary. Everyone wear ‘this colour’ to show support. Do not wear this or that colour or you may be caught. Etc etc. All these rumours end with, “There are people asking you to do this (or not to do this). Do not believe it. It is a trick the other side is using to con you. Please forward and let your friends know.” And by midday, I was like “What the f*ck?!” Really, people? Please get your facts right before you post anything on Facebook or forward a message along. If you don’t have anywhere to check your rumours with, then for crying out loud, use your common sense! Don’t simply forward the message or post stuff on Facebook and create a whole lot of tension and fear (as if people are not worried and depressed enough!).

What’s worse is, those people who are idiotic enough (I wanted to say stupid, but I’ll sound overly mean, no?), will follow in your footsteps and re-post the rumours or forward the rumours on to their friends. It gets annoying after a while seeing so many people sharing the same thing over and over again when it’s very obvious that they’re merely rumours and most are probably untrue!

Don’t create panic or hatred or fear at a national level.

Don’t simply spread rumours.

Have some ‘social intelligence’.

Don’t be an idiot.

Use your brains.


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