Chillout @ The Twelve Cups

20130510-014342.jpgWent back to The Twelve Cups for cakes after treating Imelda to her birthday dinner at The Cruises Steak House. Think it’s gonna be one of my places to chill for cakes and hangout. Haha. Simply cause the crepe cakes are really nice, and the comfortably nice environment just makes it even better.

This time around, I even ordered a hot Mocha. 20130510-014355.jpgSadly though, the hot Mocha kinda sucks. I’m not sure if it’s cause they were short of manpower and rush through making all the drinks since we’d already waited almost 20-25 minutes for our drinks, or issit just their coffee based beverage suck generally. Top that with the slow service, and I almost vow not to come back ever. At that very moment, of course. But after I got my drink, the good feeling came back, specially with every bite of the cakes.20130510-014623.jpgI still think it’s really silly of them to use 75% of the plate space to write words and only the remaining 25% to squeeze in the cake.

This time, we ordered the Raspberry Cheese Cake and the Hokkaido Chocolate Cake. 20130510-014633.jpg20130515-000611.jpgPretty good, if I may say so. Thank got the Raspberry Cheese is not too cheesy. It’s just nice for 2-3 people sharing it. Gotta say, the Hokkaido Chocolate is so much better than the milky sweet Hokkaido Milk (mentioned in my previous ‘The Twelve Cups post’). But however nice these two are, I still prefer the Coffee Chocolate and the Tiramisu that I tried previously.

So far, both times I hung out here is with my girl pals. I think it’s an awesome place to just chill and bond over coffee and cakes. 🙂

Anyway, I’d definitely go back again soon for more cakes. 😉


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