Dinner @ The Cruises Steak House, Logan Heritage, Bishop Street

I found this place on the net. Angie and I decided to treat Imelda for her birthday here. The Cruises Steak House at the Logan Heritage along Bishop Street. 20130510-013844.jpgI was kinda excited when we arrived and I saw the main entrance. Pretty cool huh? 😉 The inside is just as interesting. 20130510-013937.jpgIt’s like the more casual version of ‘The Ship’ restaurant. It looks and feels really western, as compared to many other Western food restaurants that I’ve been to. Love the fact that besides proper tables and chairs, they have the ‘raised-barrel-table-with-high-bar-stools’. Lol. 20130510-013946.jpgWell, okay. Maybe it’s not really a stool, but you get what I mean. 😉 I love how the decor in the place is all really mismatched, but as a whole, everything compliments each other rather nicely. 20130510-013923.jpgReally loved the bar area as well. It’s…….. unique. 🙂

Anyways, we ordered a snack to start off. Crispy Fried Cuttlefish.20130510-014005.jpgThought it looked like onion rings. Haha. It’s normal, I guess. Like any fried cuttlefish would taste like. Nothing too special about it.

The birthday girl ordered a Grilled Spicy Chicken Chop. 20130510-014132.jpgShe said it was ‘Okay, not bad.’ Haha. I’m guessing maybe the spicy chicken ain’t spicy enough, maybe? 😉

Angie had the Grilled Chicken With BBQ Sauce. 20130510-014122.jpgCan’t really remember what she said, but I think she said it’s “Quite nice!” 😉

I ordered the Grilled Cheese Chicken.20130510-014109.jpgI actually like it. It’s kinda yummy. Not extremely yummy, but definitely something that I would order again in the future. There’s a slice of ham on top of the cheese coated chicken. And the gravy, ham, cheese and chicken blended really well for me. So yup. Really liked it. 🙂

The best thing is, we were all surprised with free thank you drinks which are named, you guessed it, ‘Thank You’.20130510-014218.jpgElectric blue liquid, served in shot glasses rimmed with salt. Yummmmm! But I’m pretty sure there’s no alcohol in it, not that I’m complaining. Anyway, it goes to show, a little surprise goes a long way. I think we all had our mood elevated even more with those shots. 🙂

Random facts. Apparently, on certain days, they have a live band playing there. And there’s a outdoor section way out back, but we didn’t have the time to explore that. Maybe I’ll request for the outdoor seating the next time I’m there.

Nice place, pretty ‘average to good’ food, surprise free drinks and most importantly, great company. It’s a good night. 🙂


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