Breakfast @ The Mugshot Cafe, Chulia Street

When Vic came back to Penang for the short weekend 2-3 weeks back, we decided to try one of the mini cafes that popped up like mushrooms after the rain when Penang got it’s heritage status.

Our pick? The Mugshot Cafe.20130723-155227.jpgLocated at the heart of the city, along Chulia Street, this cafe has quickly gain its fame for their cute cozy decor. Take note that the chairs and tables are really low and pretty small. You may have to fold your legs under the table (IF you can manage to fit it under the table, of course). 😉 20130723-155247.jpgMy personal thoughts? The cafe’s physical looks is like a pretty good combination of the times of the past and the our current world. Matching old fashioned wooden chairs and tables with modern lightings, etc etc. And even with the small chairs and tables, one would probably feel pretty comfortable sitting there and catching up with their friends, relatives or loved ones. 

Though, be warned. This cafe does not have much variety in their menu.20130723-155521.jpgThat’s pretty much it. Yogurt, bagels and beverages. And the prices are not actually cheap if you really consider the menu. RM 10 for yogurts? RM 10 – RM 12 for bagels ? And RM 5- RM 12 for beverages? Okay, maybe the beverages’ prices can be considered sort of reasonable, but the yogurt and bagels are a tad bit higher than market price, I guess. Lol. So, given the extremely limited choices and slightly pricier food there, I doubt I’ll dine there frequently, but I definitely won’t mind dropping by occasionally for a bagel or two. Lol! 😉

Caught this funny notice by the cashier an I just can’t resist taking a picture of it. 20130723-155317.jpgGood to know that they value their customers. Haha! But as for the second sign? I beg to differ. 20130723-155343.jpgI ordered a hot Mocha, and its a real disappointment, especially when I read the sign at the cashier before I got my Mocha. I can’t really smell the coffee nor taste the chocolaty-coffee taste of a Mocha. So, imagine my worry when they put a notice stating that their ‘bagels are great but their coffee is even better’, and the Mocha I ordered is pretty much one of the worst I’ve tasted. Meh. 

But thank God, when the bagels arrived, they did not disappoint. We ordered 2 bagels to be shared between the both of us. 20130723-155446.jpgThe ‘Cream Cheese & Smoked Salmon Bagel’. This is pretty yummy. Something a little different. The salmon is fresh and surprisingly blends pretty well with the taste of the cream cheese. 🙂 I do actually like this bagel. 

The other one we ordered is the ‘Bacon & Egg Bagel’. 20130723-155502.jpgThis is taste pretty good too. I know the egg wrapped in bacon may look small as compared to the bagel muffin, but believe me, when you cut it up or bite down on it, you won’t notice it cause it would be flatten and spread wide over the bagel muffin. I can’t even decide which bagel is my favourite cause I like them both. 🙂 However, that being said, as yummy as the bagels are, it’s not the best I’ve eaten, but it is pretty delicious. I definitely would recommend this for bagel lovers. 

Another thing that this cafe is supposedly famous for is their yogurt. 20130723-155541.jpgSo we decided to get one as well. This is the ‘Mango & Walnuts Yogurt’. It’s fairly average, I’d say. Not bad, not fantastically good either. It’s just average. It’s a nice dessert to have, if you’re already at the cafe, but I definitely will not drive all the way to the cafe just to get the yogurt. Hm. 😉

One of this cafe’s signature is the photos people take when they’re there. It’s not called The Mugshot Cafe for nothing. So remember to take your mugshot there when you drop by to grab a bite. State your name, height, the date of your visit and your ‘charge’. Then point the camera and……………………………..

20130723-155550.jpgTeeHee! 😛


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