The Wolverine (2013)

the-wolverine-posterI was kinda apprehensive whenever people mention this movie and got all excited about it, probably cause the previous Wolverine movie I watched, X-Men Origins : Wolverine (2009), was kinda a flop in my opinion. I was so disappointed with that movie.  But there were so many good reviews from friends who had already watch this show that when Aaron asked me if I wanted to go and catch this movie, I decided to say ‘yes’. 🙂 It’s not ‘the bomb’, but it’s so much better than the 2009 Wolverine movie. Entertaining.

After watching him in Les Misérables (2012), I almost forgot how good Hugh Jackman can look when he cleans up and stands tall. I mean, his performance in Les Misérables was pretty great, not so much with his looks though. So when Mr. Jackman here reprise his role as Wolverine, I can’t help but stare. Haha.hugh-jackman-the-wolverine-in a suitLet me just say that it’s nice to see Wolverine in a suit once in while, cause he’s usually in that leather jacket of his. Either that or he’s topless. And speaking of topless, Jackman’s body is pretty ‘wow-ing’. hugh-jackman-the-wolverineIn my opinion, he pretty much embodies Wolverine. He’s so good at it, I don’t think I can imagine anyone else playing this role as good as Hugh Jackman. At least, I stil can’t, to date.

Am pretty happy that this time around, the storyline and progress of the show is very well planned, unlike the 2009 Wolverine movie where the sole focus in on Wolverine, literally, to the point where it just got annoying. I remember thinking, “why bother having all the other actors and actresses… Might as well just take Hugh Jackman and one cameraman to follow him around..”, while watching that show. So it’s a relieve that this time, even though the focus is still Wolverine, the storyline and the importance of the other characters is nicely balanced out.

Wasn’t very impressed with the female lead, Tao Okamoto. the-wolverine-tao-okamotoNot very sure if she’s a good actress, but I know for sure I didn’t really like her character, Mariko Yashida, in this movie. As a matter of fact, I very much prefer watching the supporting actress, Rila Fukushima who portrays a precognitive mutant, Yukio. The WolverineAt first glance, it may seem that Okamoto looks prettier than Fukushima, but if you look closely, even though Fukushima may not have the typical Japanese ‘beauty’ look, she is actually more attractive than Okamoto. At least that’s what I feel. There’s just something about her that catches your attention even when she’s not the star of the show.Fukushima-the-wolverineVery likable, and I thought she was really cool with the sword fighting. Love that red hair too. Fukushima makes red hair looks like the ‘in’ thing. Though, very few people, can actually carry this kind of red hair like her, without coming off as either loony or slutty. I for one know a woman who loves to dye her hair almost as red as this, thinking it’ll make her look young, but sorry to say, she just ends up looking really shallow and slutty. Oh well. *bitchy moment* 😉 On a side note, I kinda feel that maybe, Fukushima would be more suited for the role of Mako Mori in Pacific Rim, as compared to Rinkiko Kikuchi. Then maybe that character won’t come across as annoying to me. But that’s just my personal opinion. Haha.

I feel that the villains in this movie didn’t really stand out much. Yes, they make the movie interesting but none of them actually really caught my attention and wow-ed me. The Viper’s character falls kinda flat for me. It’s not memorable, at all. the-wolverine-svetlana-khodchenkovaSvetlana Khodchenkova fail to project a sultry, sexy, seducing yet menacing Viper. I’m not sure how the directer wanted that character, but if it were up to me, I’d make Viper to be incredible sexy and seductive, but yet very dangerous and menacing. Sad to say, Khodchenkova kinda come across as a rich bimbo-ish kinda villain. Pretty though. Kinda. 😉

The other villain, the mastermind, Yashida does have the evil look on his old face, but still, not one of the best villains I’ve ever seen. Not even close. The only thing I picked up from his onscreen time is…..the-wolverine-cool-bedThis is such an awesome bed! Seriously. If they have this  in hospitals, I think the patients there would be very happy. Haha. What makes this dude so powerful, besides his wealth, is this suit that he wears towards the climax of the show. The metal/silver samurai. Thewolverine-silver-samuraiThe-Wolverine-giant-silver-samurai1As impressive as it may look in the pictures above, and even in the movie itself, I still find it lacking when compared to The Destroyer in Thor (2011).thor-the-destroyerthor-the-destroyer2So much better ain’t it? The Destroyer in Thor (2011)? 🙂

But anyway, it’s still a very good movie and entertaining show. I’d definitely watch it from time to time for entertainment purposes. Lol!


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