The Reality Of Crushes

So a while ago, I might have mentioned a little crush of mine on a certain someone. Well, in these few weeks, I’ve realized a couple of things about the reality of crushes.

The problem when we have a crush on someone whom we don’t know that well is that we tend to put him or her on a pedestal. Aside from the first ‘spark’ that got your attention, everything else may fall pale in comparison when reality strikes. The first ‘spark’ can be anything that creates the first hint of attraction. It could be the look, a certain talent, a reaction towards something, a certain action, the way they speak, etc etc, the list goes on. Anything at all that may have ignited that first spark of attraction. More often than not, that’s about where the reality ends. 😉 People tend to make an assumption on the personality and image of the person they are crushing on based on whatever that first spark the attraction. And more than often, we end up getting a little disappointed because as time passes, we start to realize that they aren’t what we expected in reality.

Though I’d like to state that ‘they aren’t what we expect in reality’ doesn’t mean they’re bad. It simply literally means that they’re not what we expect. For example, I expected a certain someone to handle a particular situation maturely, but he ended up handling it, in what I’d call, a little childishly, coming across as a little socially inexperience. It’s not a bad thing and he’s actually not childish. He just falls below expectations, in this particular situation 😉

Anyways, this is only one example. I’m sure there are many more examples out there. While having a crush on someone could be a fun feeling, given it’s just a crush and not falling in love, take care not to put the person on a pedestal if you don’t know him or her well enough. That may lead to disappointments, sometimes. 😉 Funny how it took me so many years and so many crushes to realize that. Then again, maybe I’ve know all these unconsciously, but never really gave it much thought until now. 😉 Not that it would make much difference. I’d still have crushes when some guy does something that light that first spark of attraction for me. Teehee! 😉

Cemetery Dance by Douglas Preston & Lincoln Child

20130918-002617.jpgBeen a long while since I wrote a book review. That is simply cause I haven’t been reading much until bout 2-3 months ago. Feels good to pick up an old hobby again. 😉

I’ve never read anything from these two authors before, but I’m glad I gave this book a shot. Very interesting read. To give a brief synopsis, a couple was attacked and the husband was murdered. Neighbours and also the security camera showed the killer leaving the scene to be a guy living in the same apartment building. But here’s the catch, the man that the people witnessed as the murderer was found dead, after an apparent suicide, two weeks before the attack.

Right from the first few pages, the story drew me into its world. I love how the authors managed to quickly make the reader be somewhat emotionally attached to the couple who were attacked, right from the beginning. Also love all the twists and turns in the storyline. There were also a number of spooky parts that were very well written. I guess I shouldn’t say ‘parts’ but more like the situations and scenes that unfold in the story were derived from very simple and normal stuff that it made it very easy to imagine the horror happening in real life. The authors did a great job in describing each scene, making it really easy to picture the flow of the story as if its a movie playing in your mind. The descriptions were not overdone to the point that it became draggy, like that of Under The Dome by Stephen King.

Gotta say the ending was a little of a surprised, but I guess that’s what makes a good story. 😉

Lunch @ Golden Claypot, Chai Leng Park

Mum and I decided to try this place when we went over to Butterworth last week. It’s called Golden Claypot, located in Chai Leng Park, Butterworth. 20130918-002400.jpgFrom the outside, the place looks huge. Maybe it’s because of the sign board. But when you step in, it’s just like any chinese restaurant. The kind that’s big enough to host a wedding dinner, that is. 😉

Gotta say, I was a little shocked when they put this plate of groundnuts on the table for us. No, not because they gave us groundnuts (cause it is customary for chinese restaurants to serve a plate of groundnuts), but because of the quantity that was given. 20130918-002421.jpgI have never, and I mean never, ever gone to a restaurant who gave such scrappy portion of groundnuts. Kinda shocking. Meh.

Anyways, we ordered the Spinach Soup with Century Eggs.20130918-002447.jpgKinda disappointing. It’s actually a little too salty for my liking. It’s as if they scooped a ladle of salt into this dish.

We also had the Guinness Stout Chicken. 20130918-002437.jpgThis was okay. Not particularly tasty. It was just normal. I’ve definitely had better Guinness Stout Chicken, much better actually.

So my lunch at this Golden Claypot Restaurant? Really disappointing and unimpressive. I’m pretty sure I’m not going back for more. At least not in any foreseeable future. Meh.

Star Trek (2009)

StartrekposterAfter watching Star Trek Into Darkness (2013) and finding out that it is actually a sequel to a previous movie, I just had to watch that first Star Trek movie that precedes Star Trek Into Darkness (2013). Again, I wasn’t disappointed. Star Trek (2009) is just as entertaining as it’s sequel. Seriously, if this continues, I get a feeling I’m gonna be a big Star Trek fan soon. ;P But as it is now, I just enjoy both the 2009 and 2013 Star Trek movies. Kinda hoping there will be a third one coming out with the same main casts. 😉

It was nice to know how it all started, not Star Trek, but the lives of the main characters. Being someone who watched the sequel before the debut show, I found it kinda amusing how Spock (played by Zachary Quinto) and James Kirk (Chris Pine) started off as somewhat enemies. Not actual ‘good vs bad’ kind of enemies, but rather those ‘high school cheerleader drama’ kind of enemies, in a very ‘Star Trek-ish’ way. I know my explanation is kinda weird, but you gotta watch to understand. It’s really highly amusing. STAR TREKTheir gradual shift from enemies to frenemies to being actual true friends is kinda sweet, for an action packed movie. 😉 And I guess, their friendship is sort of the basis of these two Star Trek movies. 😉 I gotta say, as dorky as Spock looks in that hair style, it’s actor, Zachary Quinto is actually pretty good looking in reality.Zachary_QuintoHe’s a little like a crossbreed between a rocker and a nerd, which I’m sure quite a number of the female species find attractive these days. No argument there. Definitely think he’s good looking, not too sure if he’s my type. 😉

I’m glad to see John Cho who plays Hikaru Sulu had more screen time in this show. STAR TREKHe actually had an action scene where he fights with a sword, or something like that. It is kinda cool, coming from him, cause usually all he does is sit in a chair and pilot the Enterprise. Haha.

Was kinda surprised with the big name that was called in to play the villain. Mr. Eric Bana. STAR TREKI actually couldn’t recognize him until almost the end of the show. What with that bald head and those markings on his face, plus the fact that I’m never a fan of his, you can’t really blame me for not recognizing Bana. He’s always had such a pleasant looking face. Lol. But, all being said, he kinda nailed it as the villain.

The one that really surprises me, and this is only because I kinda have a celebrity crush on him (not as big as that which I have for Jensen Ackles, but still.. Heehee), is the actor who was asked to play James Kirk’s father, George Samuel Kirk. Took me almost half a minute to recognize who he is, maybe because at that time in 2009, this hunk haven’t shot to stardom and he still haven’t grown out his golden locks. 😉chris hemsworth_star trek09Chris Hemsworth. *drool effect* Damn he looks good in short, clean-cut hair as well. He’s in the movie for probably only 10-15 minutes, but still, good looks don’t pass by a girl unnoticed. 😛

I personally think that this group of casts, Hemsworth excluded cause he’s just a really minor character in this movie (sobs), has the chemistry that makes the show great and entertaining. It’s not that often we get casts who works together and exhibit an invisible chemistry that can be felt on screen. I can name so many blockbusters where there’s literally no chemistry between the casts members. So kudos to the director and team for picking out these people. Behind-the-scenes-star-trek-2009-26472986-1437-809And yes, that dude in the chair is the mastermind behind the show. The director, J.J. Abrams. Somehow, I pictured him to be a bit older and serious. So, it’s pretty cool when I found out that he’s just this cool dude who has a creative mind. 😉 Gotta say, if you think the casts looks good in their costume, check them out in real life. Even better, in suits. Premiere StartrekNot bad aye? 😉 They’re not the typical, exceptional hunks of Hollywood (e.g like Brad Pitt), but there’s that little something in each of them that makes them somewhat attractive. 🙂

All in all, loved this show. Loved the sequel too. I’ll definitely be re-watching them from time to time. And if there’s a third Star Trek movie coming out from the same casts and director, I’d definitely be anticipating the release. 😉

Eaton Satay @ Hans Food Centre, Batu Lanchang

20130916-105917.jpgI daresay, this is one of the best satay I’ve ever had in Penang island. Been a customer of this Eaton Satay since I was a teenager. A normal satay is usually coated with the sauce before it is barbecued. But the satay sold here is coated before and after barbecuing the meat. And the sauce in my opinion is quite nice and well flavoured. Better than most that I’ve eaten before.

Situated right outside the Hans Food Centre which is along Jalan Tan Sri Teh Ewe Lim, this Eaton Satay has now become a local food attraction for satay lovers. 20130916-105941.jpgIt is just a small stall placed right outside the coffee shop, but it’s business is really good and has been consistently growing. What I don’t understand is, why did they face the front of their stalls inwards, facing the coffee shop, instead of outwards, facing the road where passerby can easily see. 20130916-105932.jpgWeird. But that still doesn’t change the face that they sell yummy satay. Been a customer for more than 10 years, and will continue being their customer as long as their business continues or until the quality drops. 😉 I’d definitely recommend this to anyone. Hell, I sometimes buy and treat some of my close friends this satay. 😉