Steamed Dishes @ Hai Beng Coffee Shop, Pitt Street

Been having lunch at this coffee shop a couple times now. Apparently, it’s famous for it’s Hainan Lor Mee, but every time I go there, I’ll have the steamed dishes set. It’s from a stall called ‘Wang Yee Steamed Rice’, and it sells a few different type of dishes. Every dished is steamed, hence, less oil, a little healthier. At least I hope so. 😛

My favourite set is the Steamed Black Pepper Chicken set. 20130905-093427.jpgThe set comes with a bowl of steamed rice and a bowl of soup. When I first heard the name of this dish, Steamed Black Pepper Chicken, I thought it would be a dish with strong black pepper taste and smell, but I was proven wrong. It’s actually really yummy. There’s none of the overwhelming taste of black pepper where almost every other ‘black pepper related food’ that I’ve tried have. 20130905-093439.jpgThe portion is just nice for one person. This set cost RM 7.

Of course, sometimes, you can order another dish à la carte at RM 5.50 if you want varieties for your lunch. Even better if you go with a friend and each order a set, then you can have 2 dishes to share among the two of you. Last weekend, I ordered the à la carte Steamed Fish to share with my mum, besides my usual black pepper chicken set. 20130905-093446.jpgThe fish is surprisingly fresh. A little bland compared to some of the steamed fish dishes that I’ve tried before elsewhere. So whenever I want something with a little more taste, I’ll usually order the Steamed ‘Otak-otak’ (which I forgot to take a picture of).

Definitely won’t get bored of this place anytime soon. Cheap, nice and healthy (sort of). Haha!


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