I love reading. I love books. I personally feel that if you’re gonna read, it’s nicest to read from a book. A real honest to god book pages made from paper, and NOT an electronic device. That’s my personal opinion. So it really annoys me sometimes when some of my friends, who think that it is best to read from electronic devices cause its cheap/free and it makes you (look) ‘tech savvy’, scoffed at me for reading from a book. And they never get bored of mocking me for spending money on books when “you can get the e-copy of it so easily for free or a much cheaper price online!” Well, guess what? I like reading from books!

And from what I’ve heard, people who really loves reading prefers to read from books and not computer screen. So really, don’t tell me what and where I should get my ‘reading-fix’ when you yourself is not a reader. Geez!


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