Dinner @ Kwong Sang Cafe

20130930-191614.jpgIt took me more than six months to finally dine here. Haha. I’ve heard about this place quite a number of times from a couple different people and the reviews seem to be quite averagely good. So, I was glad that I finally made my way to this little cafe along Leith Street, Penang, with Michelle.

It’s quite a cozy little shop, decorated with a tailor’s shop theme.20130930-191722.jpg20130930-191704.jpg20130930-191739.jpgEven the menu cover is made from fabric adn decorated with buttons and buckles. 20130930-191757.jpgGotta say though, was a little disappointed at first with the menu because there’s only a limited number of dishes available. But thank God the averagely good food made up for it. 😉

I decided to get the Spaghetti Carbonara. Took a while for the dish to arrive though. 20130930-191833.jpgNot the best I’ve taken, but it’s pretty much above average. What I like about it is that I don’t get sick of it after eating half the plate. Usually, if its white sauce, I’d get sick of it by the time I finish half the plate. But this time, not only I don’t get sick of it, I finishes the entire plate like I’m starving. Or maybe I am? 😛 Haha! But I’m definitely planning to go back for more soon!

Can’t help wondering though if the shop owners are fan of The Beatles. Cause I caught sight of these. 20130930-191914.jpg20130930-191928.jpgTeehee! 🙂 Would definitely recommend this place to my friends. It’s a nice little place with averagely good food (at least the spaghetti I had is averagely good) and a cozy atmosphere to sit, chat and chill with friends. 😉