White House Down (2013)

White_House_Down_posterWatched this a couple months back. And to date, I think I may have watched this at least 3 times or more. It’s just that good. Seriously, I’m not some super movie critic but I enjoyed this show thoroughly. Despite it having only a handful of locations shot in the scenes, and also only one attire per person throughout the entire show, this movie kept my eyes and attention glued to the screen from beginning till the end.

My personal opinion? I think is this Channing Tatum’s best movie so far. White_House_Down_channing tatumPlaying a divorced father who brings his little daughter to the White House for a visit and ended up being caught in the middle of an attack on the White House, Tatum plays the hero of this movie pretty well. I was quite impressed by his performance, relatively speaking. His portrayal of a protective father is passable, at least. 😉

Throwing Jamie Foxx into the mix did spice things up a little more. White_House_Down_jamie foxxLove how they blend humour and action into the movie without coming off as a comedy, but rather an entertaining action packed show. Though, Jamie Foxx playing the President of the United States, had me smirking a little. I mean, he’s not very serious, is he? Haha. But, he does fit into the role perfectly, in this movie. Sassy, tough with a touch of homour President.

It seems like all the characters were pretty great picks. Case to point, Joey King who plays Tatum’s daughter did a great job.White_House_Down_joey kingI actually love her character here. And she made it believable. Her father’s a her0, and she’s a courageous little kid. So kudos to this little girl. 🙂

Truth be told, I was a little doubtful when I first consider watching this, but, I’m glad I did, cause it exceeds my expectations. 😉


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