a.m. Cups For Brekkie

Caught up with Imee for breakfast over one of the weekends. I recommended her this particular dish simply cause I know she loves bacon, just like me. Teehee! Located at a small coffee shop along the row of shophouses, ‘a.m. cups’ are 3/4 cooked eggs wrapped in bacon, ham or sausage. am cupsI really love this simply but yummy breakfast, preferably either the one with the bacon or the sausage. The one wrapped in ham is somehow lacking in taste, maybe cause the taste of the egg manages to overpower that of the ham. Huh. Anyway, its still tasty. Each cup costs RM3.50.

20140118-181452.jpgYou can even order it as a set. The set comes with 2 cups and a bowl of mushroom soup. 20140118-181437.jpgHowever, as yummy as it is, I don’t think this is something that I can take everyday. Prolly only once in 2 weeks. Oh well, still happy I found a nice breakfast dish, even though the coffee shop is really not an ideal place to sit and chat. 😛


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