Here’s To Another Year

20140617-230520-83120293.jpgAlbeit there being a couple of celebrations before the actual day, today passes pretty peacefully, with my mum, which is pretty awesome since it’s been a while since I last celebrated with her on the actual day. 🙂

Took time off from work, went for buffet lunch at E&O Hotel with mum then we spend the afternoon shopping. Spoiled myself with a new bag and a new pair of sunglasses. 20140617-230711-83231704.jpgAbsolutely love them. 🙂

28 years. Looking back, I’ve come pretty far and done so much, but yet, there’s still so much more that I want to accomplish. Here’s to hoping that I can check off a couple of more things off my list. 😉 I hope this one year before my 29th birthday will be a really fruitful one, and when I look back next year, I’ll feel proud of what has been accomplished in a year and there will be no regrets.

Happy birthday, Angela. 🙂

Adam Levine : 2013 Sexiest Man Alive

I’ve always thought he was attractive, but Adam Levine just keeps getting sexier and hotter as the years go by.Adam LevineI’ve always thought that he was attractive even when I weren’t a big fan of his, but ever since I saw this clip of him on YouTube, man,  was hooked. The 2013 Sexiest Man Alive accepted that award on the Jimmy Kimmel show with such humourous, witty and sassy attitude (without appearing arrogant) that you just can’t help but be drawn in by that charming confidence.  As cheesy as it sounds, since then, I started being an avid Adam Levine fan. Come on. It is hard to resist this guy! My personal opinion of course. 😛 Specially when he can check of a couple of the things in my list of ‘things that makes a guy more attractive’. Lol!

First up! He’s silly in an adorable way, but never coming off as dumb or a clown.Adam Levine_funny

He’s also flirty, in a really sweet way. Haha! Yes, I know I sound totally like a fangirl. Adam Levine_dreamy

He loves dogs! Man, that’s a big point added in my book. Adam Levine_puppy
He’s kind. Somewhat. Saw some paparazzi stalking him, taking pictures of him, and decided to put those rolls of film into better use. Adam Levine_kind
Last but not least, and this plays a big role in my list of ‘things that makes a guy more attractive’. He is musically talented. On top of writing songs and singing lead for his band, the Maroon 5 frontman also plays a couple of musical instruments. Namely the acoustic guitar, the lead guitar and the drum. And he is bloody good at them! *swoon*Adam Levine_guitarAdam Levine_drums
So yeah, while I’m not really a big fan of the tattoo sleeve he sports, Adam Levine is definitely one of the hottest and of course sexiest celebrity I’ve come to like. And if you asked me, Adam won this incredibly cheesy title not because of how he looks, cause come on, Hollywood is filled with gorgeous man! But rather , it is because of his attractively crazy yet charming personality.

Note : Jensen Ackles will always be at the top of the list, but Adam does come close to that spot. 😀