The Amazing Spider-Man 2 (2014)

The_Amazing_Spiderman_2_posterTook 2 years for this to be released after The Amazing Spider-Man came out in 2012. I remembered that I love that first show, and this sequel lives up to expectation, in my opinion, even though I know there were some negative reviews from my friends. Oh well, one man’s meat is another man’s poison. 😛 Gotta say though, somehow, I prefer the first movie, but this is just a very close second place, so I guess, not much of a difference. Storyline ain’t too bad. There were a few sappy moments, but I guess we can overlook that. Happy that they kept the comedy factor alive for this sequel too. 🙂

Andrew Garfield resumes his role naturally (and thankfully… can’t imagine anyone else taking his place now..).amazing-spider-man-2-peter parkerI think he has made ‘backpack-carrying-Spidey’ a trademark. His own trademark. I recalled being amused by Peter Parker in his Spidey costume carrying a backpack. Kinda makes everything a little more real, don’t you think? 😉 After watching Garfield as Spidey, I cringe everytime I remember the Toby Maguire-as-Spidey days. Bbrrr. No offense to Maguire of course. It’s just he pales in comparison when it comes to playing Spider-Man.

With the chemistry going on between Peter Parker and Gwen Stacy, as well as Garfield and his off-screen girlfriend Emma Stone, who obviously plays Gwen Stacy (haha!), it feels as if this movie can be renamed ‘Gwen Stacy’s final days’.The_Amazing_Spider_Man_2_Gwen_StacyIt’s sad. Really. Both on-screen and off-screen. Seriously, I think I speak for majority of the audience when I say, we love watching Stone and Garfield together on-screen. peter-parker-and-gwen-stacy-in-the-amazing-spider-man-2It’s kinda hard to imagine which leading lady can step in the shoes of the famous Mary Jane Watson and create the chemistry that can match that of Stone and Garfield’s. Sigh.

The funny thing is, the villains in this movie, aren’t really villains. Well, they are, indirectly. But mostly, it seems that they are good guys (or crazy innocent guys) who were driven mad by their ‘condition’. At least for now, they are not truly evil on the inside. Yet. Jamie Foxx steps up as Electro. amazing-spider-man-2-jamie foxx-electro-2Yes. This is indeed Foxx. A little unrecognizable. But definitely him. I actually felt a little bad for his character, Max Dillon. He was this harmless little loner who did no harm to anybody, until of course, when he became Electro. Then there’s the Green Goblin who’s actually Peter’s childhood friend, Harry Osborn. Yes. There are 2 villains here.amazing-spider-man-2-green-goblin-dane-dehaan-2My first thought when Dane DeHaan first popped onto the screen was, “Has he even reached puberty?!” LOL! 😛 Gosh. He looks really young. It made me feel worse when I googled him and found out he is the same age as I am. WTF. 😦 Garfield looks like he could be his elder bro or young uncle or something. Haha! Anyways, I do find it a little cheesy when Harry and Peter have their heart-to-heart talk on-screen.

I won’t mind watching this movie again despite having already watched it in the cinema with Imelda. It’s nice and entertaining. I won’t say it keeps you on the edge of your seat, but it is interesting enough. I thought the first movie left more of an impact as compared to this sequel, but I enjoyed this thoroughly as well. So yes, am looking forward to ‘The Amazing Spider-Man 3’. 🙂

Ooh! Another highlight for me? I get to be Spidey for 5 seconds! Big thanks to Imee for snapping this pic! 20140630-210427-75867694.jpg

Captain America : The Winter Soldier (2014)

Captain_America_The_Winter_SoldierIt took 3 freaking years for this sequel to be released. I’d admit, this wasn’t a movie that I was anticipating every minute of the day, like how it was with ‘Thor : The Dark World‘, but I still was really excited when it was finally released. And as much as I enjoyed the first movie, ‘Captain America : The First Avenger‘, it didn’t leave a lasting impression as did the other Marvel movies. The same cannot be said about this sequel. Captain America : The Winter Soldier is a fantastic movie! Totally didn’t disappoint and made me wanna re-watch it the minute I stepped out of the cinema. 🙂 Great storyline, fantastic action and amazing chemistry between the characters.

Chris Evans returns as Steve Rogers, the ever so charming Captain America. captain-america-the-winter-soldier-captain americaGotta say, I love the modern costume much more than the one he wore for the 1940’s era, even though its missing the signature red and bright blue colours. Love how the scriptwriters and director made Steve Rogers a much more relaxed person as compared to his character in Captain America : The First Avenger and The Avengers. It’s nice to see him settling down and finding his niche in the 21st century. Even cuter was the fact that he wrote down things he needs to catch up on in a small little notepad. Captain_America_The_Winter_Soldier_notepadGuess he still hasn’t discovered the smart phone. 😛 Also, it seems that, the director has decided to have different lists for a couple of the different countries/continents. 🙂 I also thought the attire he wore to workout right at the beginning of the movie makes him look a tad more attractive than usual. captain-america-the-winter-soldier-captain america 1That is of course, before I notice the man-boobs. Lol! 😛 Then again, he still looks pretty dashing. Any guy who can pull off a casual workout attire gets my approval. Haha!

Am glad that Black Widow has a big and significant part in this movie. Scarlett Johansson killed the part, as usual. In a good way. captain-america-the-winter-soldier-black widowLove the sassy personality right from when she was in Iron Man 2. In this movie though, I’m not sure if I’m the only one, but there seems to be some spark between Natasha Romanoff and Steve Rogers. Not sure what kinda spark that is, but it’s definitely something. captain-america-the-winter-soldier-captain america_black widowThey would make quite a good couple on screen, me thinks. Sadly towards the end, it seems that they’re just really good friends. So I guess I got the wrong vibe from them. Still, it’s good to hope. Steve Rogers needs a girlfriend. 😛

Newcomer to the Marvel family is Anthony Mackie who portrays Falcon (Sam Wilson). Captain_America_The_Winter_Soldier_FalconThe addition of the Falcon somehow added extra humour factor to the movie, which is a good thing. Lightens the mood in certain scenes and increases its ‘entertaining’ scale. So far the casting for Marvel’s movie has been pretty spot on, and Mackie seems to fit perfectly in this role as well.

In this movie, the supposedly dangerous villian, is actually none other than Captain America’s bestie in the 1940s whom until recently, he thought to be dead. Bucky Barnes, also known as the Winter Soldier is played by it’s original cast, Sebastian Stan. Captain_America_The_Winter_Soldier_buckyThe long hair really didn’t suit him. Almost couldn’t recognize that he’s the same guy as the one in the first Captain America movie. Bucky_Barnes_(Captain_America_The_First_Avenger)So much better looking with short hair. 😛 Oh well, I guess the long hair is to make him look more….. evil? It sorta worked I guess.

Hopefully there’ll be a third movie coming out, but so far, there hasn’t been any news on that. This movie makes me pray and hope for a third Captain America movie. 🙂 It’s definitely one of the top shows released this year. Definitely top 5. I would say top 3, but I can’t really recall all the shows released this year, so to be on the safe side, top 5. 😛

While browsing for pictures for this post, I came across this behind the scenes pic that I just had to share. Captain_America_The_Winter_Soldier_behind the scenesI can’t help but wonder what in the world is Anthony Mackie doing. LOL! 😛