Did You Smell That?

It was early in the morning, at 7.30am. The musicians gathered in front of the Sanctuary to prepare for prayer before the first service. Just a couple of guys and a couple of girls. We stood in a circle and this guy came and stood beside me.Ā I took a breath and my head snapped up, feeling suddenly a tad bit more awake than I always am at 7.30am on a Sunday morning. He smelled good! Cologne for sure, though I’m not sure what brand. Haha.

And that got my attention. šŸ˜€ Suddenly he appeared to be a tad bit more attractive than he normally is AND more attractive than the rest of the guys around that morning. No, not in the romantic kinda way, but it just increased his attractive points. šŸ˜€ Then I realized, the rule about how good smelling women are more attractive? It’s applies to men as well! Lol! I know, it’s common sense, but usually when we talk about men’s attractive points, it’s everything else and very seldom a woman will mention ‘smells nice’. Ironically though, when asked about unattractive traits, quite a number of women will mention ‘body ordor’ (generally meaning smelling bad). With that I guess we can say that smelling bad does indeed turn a woman away, however, to attract a woman, the man does not particularly have to smell good? šŸ˜›

Not too sure if that statement is true or not, but, I can quite certainly say this, smelling good will definitely catch the attention of almost any woman. However, to hold her attention for more than that first 3 seconds, you’re gonna need much more than a bottle of good cologne. šŸ˜›

p.s : That being said, overdosing the cologne/perfume on one’s body (e.g : pouring half a bottle at one shot) is never attractive. How can a person be attracted if they’re wasting their energy not to breathe through their nose??? Lol!cologne & perfume


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