Maleficent (2014)

Maleficent_posterBeen anticipating the release of this show since I saw the trailer a couple of months back. Gotta admit, despite the big name Angelina Jolie, I was afraid that it would turn out to be a total flop like the 2010’s Alice In Wonderland. I mean that show had Johnny Depp, but it was so bad, I cringe everytime I think of it. Maleficent, I would say, is one of the best Disney cartoon to have been remade. Considering how the storyline is a little different from the original cartoon movie, I guess remake is not really the correct word to use? Oh well. The concept and altered storyline of Maleficent is superb. Love the twist of the story. And to be a little more cheesy, so many moral values to learn, not that it matters to me. πŸ˜›

I was a little surprised that Angelina Jolie would want to star in a fantasy show like this one. But after watching her performance in the movie, there’s not a single doubt why she took up the role. Seriously, nobody in this world suited the role as well as Jolie did.Β angelina-jolie-maleficentShe was not born to be Maleficent. She IS Maleficent. That is how awesome she is in this role. Perfect. I couldn’t find a single flaw in it. And I’m really not a Jolie fan. Never was. But after watching this? She made me a fan of hers. Haha! Love how they spin the movie to show that Maleficent is not the actual villain, and deep down, she’s actually a really kind and loving person.angelina-jolie-maleficent-innocent How a heartbreak and betrayal made her seek revenge, only to have her regret it after she has cooled off and tried to save the day. Again, absolutely love the story. πŸ˜€

Princess Aurora was mostly portrayed by Elle Fanning.Β elle fanning-maleficentFanning certainly looked the part. Another thing I loved about this movie is how they made Princess Aurora into a princess with an admirable character and not like the flimsy princess-y one in the cartoon.
Fun fact : Princess Aurora as a toddler was played by Jolie’s on daughter, Vivienne Jolie-Pitt, reason being, all other toddlers cried when they saw Jolie in her Maleficent getup. And she is absolutely adorable in the movie as toddler Princess Aurora! πŸ™‚

One character I never expected the story to focus on is Diaval, the raven shapshifter.Β sam riley-maleficentSam Riley’s role of Diaval is just a minor one, but it still manages to catch the attention of the audience. I’m sure I’m not the only one who finds his quiet nature and faithfulness to Maleficent endearing.

The unexpected and actual villain of the movie is Aurora’s father, King Stefan. Ex-lover of Maleficent who betrayed her and cut of her wings.Β King-Stefan-MaleficentHe is evil. I actually enjoyed how they made him the bad guy instead of Maleficent. Like I mentioned before, love the twist. πŸ˜‰ Sharlto Copley did a really good job as a crazed king. Believable, at the very list. Haha!

The characters in the movie that actually kinda annoyed me were the 3 fairies.Β Maleficent-3 fairiesSo annoying. I really preferred the 1959 cartoon version. Those fairies were likable. These are just…….. ugh! And really, it doesn’t help to have Imelda Staunton to play the pink fairy. I still can’t get her out of my head as Dolores Umbridge in Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix.Β fairy_umbridgeSo really, it’s kinda hard to like them no matter how pleasant they are supposed to be in the movie. Haha. Besides, like I’ve mentioned and will say it again, they’re more annoying than pleasant. πŸ˜›

Overall, I love this show. I know this will be one of those movies I’ll watch time and again. It’s just that good. πŸ™‚ Great storyline, great characters (generally) and a great feel to the show. πŸ™‚ I’d actually recommend this version to pre-teens more than the cartoon version cause at the very least, this teaches us that we don’t need a prince’s true love to solve all our problems. We just need family and friends who truly love us to get through life happily. Cheesy, I know. πŸ˜€

P.s : For the record, I didn’t mention the prince because his character is negligible in this movie. He probably appeared for 5 mins tops. He’s more like an extra of the movie than the cast. Haha! πŸ˜›


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