My Very Own Evans RealFeel 2-Sided Practice Pad!

Finally! I got it! My Evan RealFeel Practice Pad. Been looking all over for this but still couldn’t find it. In the end, I decided to order it from Australia and have Ben carry it back for me.

Now, I can finally practice rudiments on it! 🙂IMG_2785The slightly sad thing is that it was cracked at one corner when I got it. The courier service probably dropped it during delivery. 😦 IMG_2751Nonetheless, I’m still happy I finally got the pad! 🙂 However, knowing myself, if there’s a chance for me to get another one, I would get it, cause I want a nice one without cracks. Lol! It’s just me and my weird habit. If its something I like, I don’t mind spending shitloads just to get it from halfway around the world or to get another one that is 100% perfect even when I already have one which is slightly cracked. Lol. 😉