More Idiots

So, like I said in the post before this, in light of recent ‘events’, Facebook has been like a mad house. People pouring out their feelings, lashing out their anger, spreading rumours and to add to the list, create rumours. I really don’t know how anyone would actually fall for this and believe it, but the truth is, some did.

Brief background. Apparently people have been posting on President Barack Obama’s Facebook wall, asking for help. Some even went as far as to create a petition with the White House. I thought all these are pretty stupid moves. If you wanna complain, at the very least, pick an international body to complain to. Not the White House! The White House is mainly in charge of anything American. It’s not that they don’t wanna help us, but it’s really not their job. So really, how idiotic can a person be to post an SOS on Obama’s Facebook timeline? Luckily someone realized and created a petition with United Nations. I think that at least will bear more fruit as compared to a petition to the White House.

But no doubts, there are still ridiculous people in the world. I went onto Facebook yesterday and say a number of people posting this, sincerely believing that President Barack Obama actually wrote this. They were so excited commenting, “The world heard us! President Obama speaks!” “OMG! So happy! Finally people started listening!” “Wow, I’m so touched.

*smirk* I was thinking, “You must be touched in the head to believe this was written by President Obama!”20130510-013343.jpgThe most obvious clue : I’m sure President Obama has got a much better command of the English Language than the one written above. I mean, even my 12 year old nephew can write much better than that.

The idiot ? The one who wrote this. Trying to create rumour. Unfortunately, he or she has a bad command of the English Language. Actually make that horrendous. Even more unfortunate, he or she doesn’t seem to realize that.

The even bigger idiots? Those who actually believe this and share it happily.

Gosh. The comedy I get from Facebook sometimes. This sure gave me a good laugh. *smirk*

This Looks Uber Fun~!

Steven shared this video to our church’s Facebook page. Can’t help but think this is so much fun! And so niceeeee! And pretty cool! 🙂 What an awesome way to meet new people. 😉

Would definitely give it a try if I come across one. Haha! Though I’d be a little hesitant if it’s in Malaysia. Erm, it may not be that hygienic over here. Take a look at the public parks and public toilets, then you’ll know what I mean. ;P

I Never Knew That!

So, I saw this online, and I gotta say, I’m amazed. I never knew that was what the lines on the red solo cup meant. I always thought it’s just for show! 20130218-134214.jpgBut now I know better. Heh. Though, it’d be weird drinking wine out of these. Oh, well… College students usually gotta live with it. 😉

And oh wow! I’ve been doing it wrong for all the 26 years of my life! 20130305-151621.jpgGonna try that the next time I use a bobby pin, and hopefully, it’ll be able to pin more of my hair in place. It’s usually a problem for me cause I’ve got thick hair. Then again, it’s a problem maybe cause I’m doing it wrong. 😉 *fingers crossed for the next time*

I Beg To Differ

Saw someone post this on Facebook. A little smirk start to appear on my face as I read it. 20130109-025406.jpgIt’s not that I don’t agree with the stuff stated in the picture above. But not everything on it is accurate. According to the picture above, what this MaryEllen Tribby is saying is that all ‘successful people’ is, as a matter of fact, perfect. A saint. Flawless. And of course, the ‘unsuccessful people’ are the many definitions of everything not perfect.

There are tons of ‘successful people’ I know who don’t like to show gratitude, don’t give compliment to people other than themselves, who hold grudges, do not learn continuously nor embrace change, and certainly most definitely not exuding joy. Successful people bitch about others too. They don’t all, as indicated above, read everyday, talk about ideas, and share information and data. Heck, sometimes, successful people are the people who criticize the most. The list goes on. I’m not saying ‘successful people’ aren’t all that is mentioned above, but that they have flaws too. They are afterall human. The maybe some of the things mentioned above, but not all.

And let me just say, there are ‘unsuccessful people’ who exudes joy instead of anger as indicated by the diagram above, simply cause they’re contented with their less successful life. And not all ‘unsuccessful people’ hold grudges. Not all ‘unsuccessful people’ don’t set goal, given, the majority don’t. And ‘unsuccessful people’ don’t always talk about other people.

I personally think, this chart is somewhat biased. Though, I won’t deny that the ‘successful people’ holds some of the qualities mentioned above and those ‘unsuccessful people’ exhibits some of the bad qualities mentioned above. However, I don’t think they are solid enough to be used as an indicator for success. I just don’t think it’s fair to group things up like that. I think it to be rather stupid, if I may say. Then again, I’m not that successful yet, so maybe I don’t know that much about success. *pun intended* *sarcasm oozing* *smirk*

One last thing. If we were to strive to achieve all the qualities listed above to be successful, then I can most definitely say, we’re heading down a damn boring journey in life. Yes, we must always strive to be a better person, but please, don’t lose the fun. Don’t lose yourself in the process. And don’t be fake. Be human. I smirked outright at the ‘talk about people (unsuccessful) vs. talk about ideas (successful)’. Oh puh~leaseeee…..

OMG. Heart-meltingly CUTE~!

Even if you’re not a fan of the show, this is a must watch! Haha!

He’s only 6 years old. But Kellian Rowe’s immitation of Supernatural’s Dean Winchester (played by my gorgeous Jensen Ackles) performing the ‘Eye Of The Tiger’ is superb~! For a boy his age, I’d say, he did a great immitation. I can only imagine him performing along with the Jensen Ackles everytime he watches the video. Knowing how kids like to immitate what they see on TV. 😉

For best effect, watch the original Jensen Ackles’ performance first, which of course is beyond awesome… Haha! 

Now, watch this kid… He’s just so cute~!!!