Did You Smell That?

It was early in the morning, at 7.30am. The musicians gathered in front of the Sanctuary to prepare for prayer before the first service. Just a couple of guys and a couple of girls. We stood in a circle and this guy came and stood beside me. I took a breath and my head snapped up, feeling suddenly a tad bit more awake than I always am at 7.30am on a Sunday morning. He smelled good! Cologne for sure, though I’m not sure what brand. Haha.

And that got my attention. 😀 Suddenly he appeared to be a tad bit more attractive than he normally is AND more attractive than the rest of the guys around that morning. No, not in the romantic kinda way, but it just increased his attractive points. 😀 Then I realized, the rule about how good smelling women are more attractive? It’s applies to men as well! Lol! I know, it’s common sense, but usually when we talk about men’s attractive points, it’s everything else and very seldom a woman will mention ‘smells nice’. Ironically though, when asked about unattractive traits, quite a number of women will mention ‘body ordor’ (generally meaning smelling bad). With that I guess we can say that smelling bad does indeed turn a woman away, however, to attract a woman, the man does not particularly have to smell good? 😛

Not too sure if that statement is true or not, but, I can quite certainly say this, smelling good will definitely catch the attention of almost any woman. However, to hold her attention for more than that first 3 seconds, you’re gonna need much more than a bottle of good cologne. 😛

p.s : That being said, overdosing the cologne/perfume on one’s body (e.g : pouring half a bottle at one shot) is never attractive. How can a person be attracted if they’re wasting their energy not to breathe through their nose??? Lol!cologne & perfume

The Masked Christian

20140118-182533.jpgI came across this post on Instagram, and I can’t help thinking, “Ain’t that true.” But I can’t help scoffing cause I guess not everybody is like that. Believe me, I’m a realistic person. I know we can’t expect this type of attitude and behavior from everyone. I actually try to understand any individual’s situation when things people don’t walk with integrity. But what makes it annoying and disgusting is when its coming from a Christian who on a daily basis, proudly tells people about his/her religion. I had to control my gag reflex chatting with the person.

I’m a Christian, and I don’t go around telling people how good or perfect or ‘christian-y’ I am. As a matter of fact, I always tell people, I’m far from being pleasing in God’s eye, but I’m trying. I still bitch about people when I’m pissed, I still gossip about people I don’t like, I rarely read the bible regularly, and the list goes on. But I’m trying. So when a person who publicly preaches and let people know how ‘Christian-y’ he/she is, and yet behind close doors has no integrity, it pisses me off.

Fancy trying to teach me how to lie to save his/her own ass. How selfish can some people be? Luckily I’m smart enough to turn the thing around and put the responsibility back on the person so that I don’t have to lie. But I definitely can’t erase the disgust I felt when I was asked, straight to my face, to lie, by a Christian who publicly proclaims how ‘Christian-y’ he/she is. Gosh.

Although I don’t show it blatantly, I have utterly no respect left for the person. Ugh.

The Reality Of Crushes

So a while ago, I might have mentioned a little crush of mine on a certain someone. Well, in these few weeks, I’ve realized a couple of things about the reality of crushes.

The problem when we have a crush on someone whom we don’t know that well is that we tend to put him or her on a pedestal. Aside from the first ‘spark’ that got your attention, everything else may fall pale in comparison when reality strikes. The first ‘spark’ can be anything that creates the first hint of attraction. It could be the look, a certain talent, a reaction towards something, a certain action, the way they speak, etc etc, the list goes on. Anything at all that may have ignited that first spark of attraction. More often than not, that’s about where the reality ends. 😉 People tend to make an assumption on the personality and image of the person they are crushing on based on whatever that first spark the attraction. And more than often, we end up getting a little disappointed because as time passes, we start to realize that they aren’t what we expected in reality.

Though I’d like to state that ‘they aren’t what we expect in reality’ doesn’t mean they’re bad. It simply literally means that they’re not what we expect. For example, I expected a certain someone to handle a particular situation maturely, but he ended up handling it, in what I’d call, a little childishly, coming across as a little socially inexperience. It’s not a bad thing and he’s actually not childish. He just falls below expectations, in this particular situation 😉

Anyways, this is only one example. I’m sure there are many more examples out there. While having a crush on someone could be a fun feeling, given it’s just a crush and not falling in love, take care not to put the person on a pedestal if you don’t know him or her well enough. That may lead to disappointments, sometimes. 😉 Funny how it took me so many years and so many crushes to realize that. Then again, maybe I’ve know all these unconsciously, but never really gave it much thought until now. 😉 Not that it would make much difference. I’d still have crushes when some guy does something that light that first spark of attraction for me. Teehee! 😉


I love reading. I love books. I personally feel that if you’re gonna read, it’s nicest to read from a book. A real honest to god book pages made from paper, and NOT an electronic device. That’s my personal opinion. So it really annoys me sometimes when some of my friends, who think that it is best to read from electronic devices cause its cheap/free and it makes you (look) ‘tech savvy’, scoffed at me for reading from a book. And they never get bored of mocking me for spending money on books when “you can get the e-copy of it so easily for free or a much cheaper price online!” Well, guess what? I like reading from books!

And from what I’ve heard, people who really loves reading prefers to read from books and not computer screen. So really, don’t tell me what and where I should get my ‘reading-fix’ when you yourself is not a reader. Geez!

Flying Rumours

With the recent ‘events’ since Sunday night, Facebook has become a madhouse. Nope. Not kidding. If you’ve got a lot of Malaysian friends, you’ll know what I mean. First there were all the pissed off, sad, disappointed and disbelief statuses. The one thing all those statuses have in common is that they’re all laced with utmost disgust. Those? were fine. I understand how everyone felt. But what came the next day is the start of a ridiculous craze, that I’m sure will go on for quite some time, on Facebook.

Some idiot said some stupid thing and now the entire Facebook, and even my Whatsapp, are filled with all kinds of rumours flying around. Everyone is urged to go for ‘this rally’. Everyone is urged not to go out if unnecessary. Everyone wear ‘this colour’ to show support. Do not wear this or that colour or you may be caught. Etc etc. All these rumours end with, “There are people asking you to do this (or not to do this). Do not believe it. It is a trick the other side is using to con you. Please forward and let your friends know.” And by midday, I was like “What the f*ck?!” Really, people? Please get your facts right before you post anything on Facebook or forward a message along. If you don’t have anywhere to check your rumours with, then for crying out loud, use your common sense! Don’t simply forward the message or post stuff on Facebook and create a whole lot of tension and fear (as if people are not worried and depressed enough!).

What’s worse is, those people who are idiotic enough (I wanted to say stupid, but I’ll sound overly mean, no?), will follow in your footsteps and re-post the rumours or forward the rumours on to their friends. It gets annoying after a while seeing so many people sharing the same thing over and over again when it’s very obvious that they’re merely rumours and most are probably untrue!

Don’t create panic or hatred or fear at a national level.

Don’t simply spread rumours.

Have some ‘social intelligence’.

Don’t be an idiot.

Use your brains.


20130407-202847.jpgWelllll… Okay. I’m not that blunt. But at the very least, I don’t fake my reaction, likes or dislikes in front of people. What you see is what you get. And I’ll admit. Lately, I’ve been getting pretty good at saying things other people haven’t got the balls to say. 😉 Of course I don’t simply diarrhea from my mouth. I only say it when it’s necessary, and of course when it’s the effin’ truth. Lol. And it feels so bloody liberated, truth be told.

Of course there will be people who would rather hear fake facts and see fake reactions that will make them feel good about themselves, and they’d be those people who deemed me ‘rude’, but hey, I really don’t give a damn. Not anymore anyway. I know that I am well mannered and well brought up. I just decided that I will not lie and fake my way through life. Yeah, even though I may not fake my reactions, likes or dislikes, it doesn’t mean I show them rudely. There’s always a more polite way to do things. It’s just that sometimes, no matter how nice or polite you are at telling people truths, they’d rather be given lies and feel good. So let ’em be. They’ll never know people’s true opinions of them and will never grow and improve. 🙂

On a slightly different note, speaking of saying what everyone else hasn’t’ got the balls to say, I gotta express my amusement over the idiocy of certain people. I saw a few people sharing this on Facebook and I can’t help but wonder when I saw the picture for the first time, “Which idiot would believe that this is true???”20130414-001117.jpgAnd I was surprised. There are actually a couple of people who believed that picture. I mean, seriously?! Even if Bill Gates wanted to give back, he’d donate to charity, create scholarship funds, conduct a competition to give intelligent students scholarship, etc etc. NOT give anyone who share this picture RM 5000. Yes, he is a rich man. But please bear in mind that he became rich because of his brains and innovative thoughts. Do you really think a person with that good a brain and works his way up the ladder of wealth will do something like that and encourage unproductiveness? Geez! And tot think some of the people who fell for this fake picture have pretty good brains. Some people are just unbelievable! 😉

The Incredibly Annoying Moment…

… when someone yaks non-stop about her own upcoming wedding when she’s attending the wedding dinner of another friend. Not for 10 minutes, not for 15 minutes, not even for half an hour. It was throughout the entire dinner!

Know what I call this? Rude. Specially when everyone was looking at the video showing on the screen of the newly wedded couple’s wedding day. She was talking on and on about her upcoming wedding day, trying to get people’s attention off the screen and on her. When the bride and groom was up on stage opening the champagne bottles, she was bragging bout her own wedding proposal and how her fiancé just can’t wait to marry her, trying to get people to listen to her. When the bride and groom was on stage giving a short thank you speech, she was having her own speech at our table about planning her upcoming wedding.

Seriously. I’d be excited for any friends of mine who are getting married. But when I’m attending a wedding dinner, it’s rather annoying when all these parts of the wedding when we’re supposed to give the bride and groom our attention, is disrupted and our attention is divided between trying to be polite to the other ‘rude-soon-to-be-bride’, and giving the actual stars of the night, the bride and groom of the event, our attention.

Knowing this person, I guess I shouldn’t be surprised. After all, she is the kind of woman who criticizes others or constantly mentioning others’ faults to make herself look good. I seriously don’t mind randomly bitchy people. I bitch about others too sometimes. But those who trash others just so they themselves could look good, just get on my nerves. It just makes me feel that they’re insecure about their own position and standings in society when they do that. And even knowing that she is that kind of person, and I really shouldn’t be surprised at all, I can’t help but find it hard to comprehend how tactless and rude she can be. I mean, for crying out loud, it wouldn’t hurt to shut up for 10 minutes and give the bride and groom a little respect.

I wonder how she would feel if someone does that to her on her upcoming wedding day. *smirk*

On a different note, it’s extremely embarassing to sit with the above-mentioned woman in public sometimes. She has the habit of hitting the table loudly everytime she makes a statement. People at the nearby tables sometimes turned to look over at our table. And not in a good way, might I add. Gosh. Guys don’t even do that nowadays. And to see a girl doing that? *shocked* For the 45 minutes we sat for a drink, the table was banged at least 7-8 times. There were moments I wished I could just shrink to the size of an ant. Thank God, there was no one else I know nearby except for Mich who together with me tried to fade into background as the woman keep banging the table when she exclaimed or make an excited statement.