Belated Mother’s Day Dinner @ Perut Rumah, Kelawai Road

20140630-205732-75452951.jpgI’m really happy Aun Ling recommended this place to me. Very seldom do we find good nyonya food and great atmosphere here in Penang. Decided to bring mum here for a belated Mother’s Day treat. She loves Chinese/local food anyway. And it was a good decision to try out this place cause she loves it! Β πŸ™‚ And for the record, I love it too!20140630-205735-75455524.jpgWe ordered about 4 different dishes and they were all delicious. This place has now become quite a favourite for both my mum and I. πŸ™‚

First up, we had the ‘Kapitan Curry Chicken’.Β 20140630-205736-75456920.jpgThis were utterly yummy. The chicken was tender and well cooked. The curry was thick and rich in flavour. No complaints at all. Seriously.

We also ordered the ‘Jiu Hu Char’.Β 20140630-205739-75459654.jpgThis place is the first place I went to that serves this dish with a separate dish of green veggie leaves. Great idea if you asked me. The dish mixed with rice? Yummy. The dish wrapped in the veggie? Delicious!

And a must try at any nyonya restaurant is the ‘Lor Bak’.Β 20140630-205742-75462998.jpgThankfully, the ‘Lor Bak’ here didn’t disappoint. As a matter of fact, it was seasoned so perfectly, mum and I actually ordered a second helping. Yes. We did. It was delish! πŸ˜€ This has now become our ‘regular dish’ every time we have dinner there. πŸ™‚

Just to top it off, we ordered the ‘Otak-otak’.Β 20140630-205745-75465776.jpgThis comes in small ‘1-person serving’ packet, and by packet, we mean wrapped in leaves. Even though this is not the best ‘otak-otak’ I’ve had, it’s still pretty good. Personal opinion, as good as it is, it’s a step behind the other dishes in taste. That, like I mentioned, is just my personal opinion. πŸ™‚

Overall, I love the place. 20140630-211607-76567753.jpgGreat food, nice ambiance, pretty good service and pretty easy parking (it’s actually a bungalow with its own carpark). And best of all, mum loves the place! Only the best for my mum! πŸ™‚20140701-154348-56628375.jpg


Dinner @ Kwong Sang Cafe

20130930-191614.jpgIt took me more than six months to finally dine here. Haha. I’ve heard about this place quite a number of times from a couple different people and the reviews seem to be quite averagely good. So, I was glad that I finally made my way to this little cafe along Leith Street, Penang, with Michelle.

It’s quite a cozy little shop, decorated with a tailor’s shop theme.20130930-191722.jpg20130930-191704.jpg20130930-191739.jpgEven the menu cover is made from fabric adn decorated with buttons and buckles.Β 20130930-191757.jpgGotta say though, was a little disappointed at first with the menu because there’s only a limited number of dishes available. But thank God the averagely good food made up for it. πŸ˜‰

I decided to get the Spaghetti Carbonara. Took a while for the dish to arrive though.Β 20130930-191833.jpgNot the best I’ve taken, but it’s pretty much above average. What I like about it is that I don’t get sick of it after eating half the plate. Usually, if its white sauce, I’d get sick of it by the time I finish half the plate. But this time, not only I don’t get sick of it, I finishes the entire plate like I’m starving. Or maybe I am? πŸ˜› Haha! But I’m definitely planning to go back for more soon!

Can’t help wondering though if the shop owners are fan of The Beatles. Cause I caught sight of these.Β 20130930-191914.jpg20130930-191928.jpgTeehee! πŸ™‚ Would definitely recommend this place to my friends. It’s a nice little place with averagely good food (at least the spaghetti I had is averagely good) and a cozy atmosphere to sit, chat and chill with friends. πŸ˜‰

Breakfast @ The Mugshot Cafe, Chulia Street

When Vic came back to Penang for the short weekend 2-3 weeks back, we decided to try one of the mini cafes that popped up like mushrooms after the rain whenΒ Penang got it’s heritage status.

Our pick? The Mugshot Cafe.20130723-155227.jpgLocated at the heart of the city, along Chulia Street, this cafe has quickly gain its fame for their cute cozy decor. Take note that the chairs and tables are really low and pretty small. You may have to fold your legs under the table (IF you can manage to fit it under the table, of course). πŸ˜‰Β 20130723-155247.jpgMy personal thoughts? The cafe’s physical looks is like a pretty good combination of the times of the past and the our current world. Matching old fashioned wooden chairs and tables with modern lightings, etc etc. And even with the small chairs and tables, one would probably feel pretty comfortable sitting there and catching up with their friends, relatives or loved ones.Β 

Though, be warned. This cafe does not have much variety in their menu.20130723-155521.jpgThat’s pretty much it. Yogurt, bagels and beverages. And the prices are not actually cheap if you really consider the menu. RM 10 for yogurts? RM 10 – RM 12 for bagels ? And RM 5- RM 12 for beverages? Okay, maybe the beverages’ prices can be considered sort of reasonable, but the yogurt and bagels are a tad bit higher than market price, I guess. Lol. So, given the extremely limited choices and slightly pricier food there, I doubt I’ll dine there frequently, but I definitely won’t mind dropping by occasionally for a bagel or two. Lol! πŸ˜‰

Caught this funny notice by the cashier an I just can’t resist taking a picture of it.Β 20130723-155317.jpgGood to know that they value their customers. Haha! But as for the second sign? I beg to differ.Β 20130723-155343.jpgI ordered a hot Mocha, and its a real disappointment, especially when I read the sign at the cashier before I got my Mocha. I can’t really smell the coffee nor taste the chocolaty-coffee taste of a Mocha. So, imagine my worry when they put a notice stating that their ‘bagels are great but their coffee is even better’, and the Mocha I ordered is pretty much one of the worst I’ve tasted. Meh.Β 

But thank God, when the bagels arrived, they did not disappoint. We ordered 2 bagels to be shared between the both of us.Β 20130723-155446.jpgThe ‘Cream Cheese & Smoked Salmon Bagel’. This is pretty yummy. Something a little different. The salmon is fresh and surprisingly blends pretty well with the taste of the cream cheese. πŸ™‚ I do actually like this bagel.Β 

The other one we ordered is the ‘Bacon & Egg Bagel’.Β 20130723-155502.jpgThis is taste pretty good too. I know the egg wrapped in bacon may look small as compared to the bagel muffin, but believe me, when you cut it up or bite down on it, you won’t notice it cause it would be flatten and spread wide over the bagel muffin. I can’t even decide which bagel is my favourite cause I like them both. πŸ™‚ However, that being said, as yummy as the bagels are, it’s not the best I’ve eaten, but it is pretty delicious. I definitely would recommend this for bagel lovers.Β 

Another thing that this cafe is supposedly famous for is their yogurt.Β 20130723-155541.jpgSo we decided to get one as well.Β This is the ‘Mango & Walnuts Yogurt’. It’s fairly average, I’d say. Not bad, not fantastically good either. It’s just average. It’s a nice dessert to have, if you’re already at the cafe, but I definitely will not drive all the way to the cafe just to get the yogurt. Hm. πŸ˜‰

One of this cafe’s signature is the photos people take when they’re there. It’s not called The Mugshot Cafe for nothing. So remember to take your mugshot there when you drop by to grab a bite. State your name, height, the date of your visit and your ‘charge’. Then point the camera and……………………………..

20130723-155550.jpgTeeHee! πŸ˜›

Chillout @ The Twelve Cups

20130510-014342.jpgWent back to The Twelve Cups for cakes after treating Imelda to her birthday dinner at The Cruises Steak House. Think it’s gonna be one of my places to chill for cakes and hangout. Haha. Simply cause the crepe cakes are really nice, and the comfortably nice environment just makes it even better.

This time around, I even ordered a hot Mocha.Β 20130510-014355.jpgSadly though, the hot Mocha kinda sucks. I’m not sure if it’s cause they were short of manpower and rush through making all the drinks since we’d already waited almost 20-25 minutes for our drinks, or issit just their coffee based beverage suck generally. Top that with the slow service, and I almost vow not to come back ever. At that very moment, of course. But after I got my drink, the good feeling came back, specially with every bite of the cakes.20130510-014623.jpgI still think it’s really silly of them to use 75% of the plate space to write words and only the remaining 25% to squeeze in the cake.

This time, we ordered the Raspberry Cheese Cake and the Hokkaido Chocolate Cake.Β 20130510-014633.jpg20130515-000611.jpgPretty good, if I may say so. Thank got the Raspberry Cheese is not too cheesy. It’s just nice for 2-3 people sharing it. Gotta say, the Hokkaido Chocolate is so much better than the milky sweet Hokkaido Milk (mentioned in my previous ‘The Twelve Cups post’). But however nice these two are, I still prefer the Coffee Chocolate and the Tiramisu that I tried previously.

So far, both times I hung out here is with my girl pals. I think it’s an awesome place to just chill and bond over coffee and cakes. πŸ™‚

Anyway, I’d definitely go back again soon for more cakes. πŸ˜‰

Dinner @ The Cruises Steak House, Logan Heritage, Bishop Street

I found this place on the net. Angie and I decided to treat Imelda for her birthday here. The Cruises Steak House at the Logan Heritage along Bishop Street.Β 20130510-013844.jpgI was kinda excited when we arrived and I saw the main entrance. Pretty cool huh? πŸ˜‰ The inside is just as interesting.Β 20130510-013937.jpgIt’s like the more casual version of ‘The Ship’ restaurant. It looks and feels really western, as compared to many other Western food restaurants that I’ve been to. Love the fact that besides proper tables and chairs, they have the ‘raised-barrel-table-with-high-bar-stools’. Lol.Β 20130510-013946.jpgWell, okay. Maybe it’s not really a stool, but you get what I mean. πŸ˜‰ I love how the decor in the place is all really mismatched, but as a whole, everything compliments each other rather nicely.Β 20130510-013923.jpgReally loved the bar area as well. It’s…….. unique. πŸ™‚

Anyways, we ordered a snack to start off. Crispy Fried Cuttlefish.20130510-014005.jpgThought it looked like onion rings. Haha. It’s normal, I guess. Like any fried cuttlefish would taste like. Nothing too special about it.

The birthday girl ordered a Grilled Spicy Chicken Chop.Β 20130510-014132.jpgShe said it was ‘Okay, not bad.’ Haha. I’m guessing maybe the spicy chicken ain’t spicy enough, maybe? πŸ˜‰

Angie had the Grilled Chicken With BBQ Sauce.Β 20130510-014122.jpgCan’t really remember what she said, but I think she said it’s “Quite nice!” πŸ˜‰

I ordered the Grilled Cheese Chicken.20130510-014109.jpgI actually like it. It’s kinda yummy. Not extremely yummy, but definitely something that I would order again in the future. There’s a slice of ham on top of the cheese coated chicken. And the gravy, ham, cheese and chicken blended really well for me. So yup. Really liked it. πŸ™‚

The best thing is, we were all surprised with free thank you drinks which are named, you guessed it, ‘Thank You’.20130510-014218.jpgElectric blue liquid, served in shot glasses rimmed with salt. Yummmmm! But I’m pretty sure there’s no alcohol in it, not that I’m complaining. Anyway, it goes to show, a little surprise goes a long way. I think we all had our mood elevated even more with those shots. πŸ™‚

Random facts. Apparently, on certain days, they have a live band playing there. And there’s a outdoor section way out back, but we didn’t have the time to explore that. Maybe I’ll request for the outdoor seating the next time I’m there.

Nice place, pretty ‘average to good’ food, surprise free drinks and most importantly, great company. It’s a good night. πŸ™‚

Dinner @ Kampai, E-Gate

A while back, me and some of the ladies from my new cell group decided to go for a dinner and some hangout, girl bonding session. Sharon suggested this newly opened place at E-Gate called Kampai.20130502-103028.jpgNow, I was confused for quite some time wondering what kinda food is served here. My first thought was Japanese, but then Sharon said it’s Chinese food. Curious. Never heard of such a name for a chinese restaurant. Anyway, when we arrived, we realized it’s more of Taiwanese food. My first thought, “Meh.” I’m kinda picky when it comes to Taiwanese food. Nope. Not cause I love it, more like I don’t like it. So it has to be really Taiwanese and yummy, if not…… *thumbs down* So anyway, not sure what to make out of the place when I first stepped in.Β 20130502-103037.jpgSo apparently, they look like (look being the operative word) they have some live seafood. Or maybe they do. I can’t really remember. πŸ˜‰ Anyways, this is like the first place with this kinda concept that actually serves beer. Various kinds of beer. Weird ones even. Good thing? Spacious.Β 20130502-103048.jpgThe chairs may not look comfortable, but for this kinda ‘food-eating’ it’s actually not bad. Bad thing? Kinda hot. Actually, took me about 15-20 minutes to really stop sweating and really feel the slight (very slight) cool air. Maybe we should have just sat outside. Meh.

First 2 things that annoyed me even before I started with my food :

1) The menu.20130502-103104.jpgAbout 50% of the dishes listed here are actually just names of the main ingredient in the dish! No indication of how it’s cooked or what it’s cooked with. I was like, “WTF!” And really, the entire restaurant, there’s not a single picture of any of the dishes they provide except for 2-3 sample looking dishes on plates, wrapped with plastic. Bad marketing plan.

2) The drinks.20130502-103246.jpgOkay, maybe some will find me kinda petty about this but, who the hell serves plain water in a beer glass?! I’m sorry but I’m kinda particular. I mean, I get annoyed when they served me Konig Ludwig in a Hoegaarden glass. What more plain water in a beer glass. Don’t you have a normal plain glass? If you wanna open a restaurant which serves beer, make sure you learn some basic restaurant/bar-tending ‘ethics’. Ugh.

Anyways, coming back to the food. I’m gonna list the name as it is given in the menu, then you’ll know what I mean about ‘annoying menus’. πŸ˜›

First up, we have the ‘Traditional Fried Noodle’.20130502-103124.jpgI like this fried noodle. It’s one of the simplest yet hardest dish to cook, in my opinion. Cause, it’s easy technically, but to make it yummy and memorable, not that easy. I’m not saying this is memorable, but it’s definitely nice. We actually thought of ordering another plate but decided against it after realizing that we ordered a total of 8 dishes for 6 ladies. πŸ˜‰

Next up, the ‘Singapore Bee Hoon’.20130502-103131.jpgBland and tasteless. ‘Nuff said.

I suggested the ‘Salmon Belly’. So we ordered that as well.Β 20130502-103211.jpgSee what I mean? Just ‘Salmon Belly’. *frowny face* Anyway, it was served with a slice of lemon and some sorta powdery stuff, which is supposed to be spices (I asked the waiter), but actually just taste kinda salty. But all that aside, the grilled (at least, I think it’s grilled… since the MENU didn’t mention it) ‘Salmon Belly’ was actually kinda nice. To me, one of the most important thing about fish dishes is their freshness and this one? Pass. πŸ™‚

We also ordered the ‘Taiwanese Chicken Nuggets’.20130502-103141.jpgIt’s not bad, but I’m not impressed. It’s like a cross breed of fried chicken and chicken popcorn…… Wait, chicken popcorn is fried chicken in small pieces. Okay, I don’t know what I’m talking bout, but bottomline, I’m not impressed but it’s definitely edible. πŸ˜‰

The ‘Bitter Gourd’. Yup. That’s all it said in the MENU. ‘Bitter Gourd.’20130502-103151.jpgI actually like this. Know why? Cause even though I can’t really remember how this taste like exactly, it’s enough to make me go around and look for bitter gourd stir-fry with egg for the following week, whenever I am at the economy rice stall. And let me just say, “Me no, and never, likey bitter gourd”. Lol. So even though I don’t remember, it must be pretty good. At the very least, above average. πŸ˜‰ And yes, not the name listed in the menu. Just ‘Bitter Gourd’. How the hell am I supposed to know if its fried or steam or raw or made into soup or etc etc!? With egg or with prawns or with chocolate or with ice cream?! Yup. Pun fully intended. Never heard of bitter gourd with ice cream or chocolate or chocolate ice cream, but if anybody has tried before, well, I’d love to know the taste and the ‘effects’ of it, if you know what I mean. πŸ˜‰

Next was the ‘Mo Po Tofu’.20130502-103200.jpgThis is averagely nice and I actually liked it. Had second and third helpings of this. So *thumbs up * from me! πŸ™‚

Another veggie dish we had was called, ‘Kai Lan’.20130502-103221.jpgLet me just say, ‘kai lan’ is actually the name of the veggie. Its actually the Cantonese name for Chinese broccoli. So you see? There you go again, listing only the main ingredient in the menu. How the hell would I know the ‘kai lan’ would be cooked like this with carrots and etc etc?! Gosh. Anyway, all that being said, this dish? Just average. Too much bark, too little leaf. I love the leafy part of veggies as compared to the barks. Haha.

Finally, there’s the ‘Taiwanese Roast Pork’.20130502-103233.jpgBeing a Penangite, living in an island where there are simply shitload of places that sells roasted pork, I’d call this a total failure. I usually prefer my roasted pork to be a little crispy, but this is more than a little limpy. And it’s sliced so thin, you don’t even get ther feel of eating roasted pork. Maybe it’s the Taiwanese style of serving it I guess. Well, sorry, but it’s a disappointment.

The food are priced averagely reasonable and it would be nice to come in a group cause then you can have more dishes. I am planning to come back and try some other stuff though. Hopefully soon.

And even though the menu was just lack of information and the food ranges from nice to a failure, I enjoyed the company. Nope. Of course not to the extend of the company of my close friends. Take into consideration, these are pretty new people in my life. New cell group members. But we gel pretty well together and I actually look forward to more outings like this. One meal and a cup of beverage from a nearby Starbucks, the ladies of the Green Lane Life Group (one or two from another group, but who cares! haha) had formed a bond. May it grow stronger. πŸ™‚Β 20130502-103303.jpg