Of Drinks & Friendships @ Berlin’s Bier Houz, Straits Quay

The week before Chinese New Year, the old ‘Saturday hangout group’ decided to meet up fro food and drinks since Denise is back. After a satisfying meal of bbq steamboat at Ding Charcoal BBQ & Steamboat, we headed downstairs towards The Library. It’s a good thing it’s pretty packed at The Library and there were barely any good seats there. Cause, we decided to go next door to Berlin’s Biew Houz instead. And even though there’s no live band at Berlin’s, but somehow, I found the atmosphere there nicer than The Library. Gives a slightly ‘warm, home-town bar’ kinda feeling. It’s nice. Sitting inside, for the first few minutes, you may find the music to be a tiny bit too loud, but once you’ve accustomed to it, it’s actually a very nice place to sit, drink and chat.20130218-133551.jpgBeen a while since the ‘old Saturday gang’ hangout like that. Since Denise left for Australia, I think. Mainly cause very soon after she left, there was a new addition to the group who made use of us all to have an affair behind her boyfriend’s back. Oh well, good to say that now she’s no longer in the group, since she don’t need us anymore. I won’t deny that all of us are actually happy. Anyways, never realized how much I missed just sitting around with a beer or two, or even a cocktail or two, just chilling and shooting shit with my good friends. The randomĀ jokes, the teasings, the laughters, etc etc. Too bad Denise was only here for two weeks. Not its back to Mich, Boo Leong, Joshua and me. Still better than having a fifth member who uses us and a sixth memeber who was trying to wedge his way into the fifth member’s steady relationship. Smirk. Yes. I can be a bitch at time. šŸ˜›

Joshua had a stroke of creativeness and I just couldn’t resist snapping a picture of it. 20130218-133605.jpg

I’m actually glad I don’t drink as much as I did in 2011 and the first half of 2012. Nowadays I just enjoy my drink or two, and chill with my close pals. But I saw this on the net, and really couldn’t resist reposting it here, just for the fun of it. šŸ˜‰


20130121-011646.jpgYes. It’s my frist time drinking it. I’ve drank all kinds of cocktails. But never a ‘wine-punch’. Gotta say though, despite some of the fuss people make over this drink, I didn’t find it particularly impressive. However, I’m quite certain it’s not that the drink ain’t nice, but it’s just my luck I went to the place where the bartenders don’t know how to make a decent Sangria. And this fact was confirmed by Michelle who is a fan of Sangria, but who was disappointed last night by the drink served to us at The Library, Straits Quay. TheĀ drinkĀ taste diluted, there was no trace of alcohol, and the only fruit present is pieces of lemon.Ā As a matter of fact, I labelled it ‘tasteless’ when I took my first sip last night. I guess, as good as their Long Island Tea is, their Sangria is somewhat a failure.

So I guess, I will give Sangria another try soon. Hopefully, I’ll be able to find somewhere decent Sangria is served. šŸ˜‰

Belated Birthday Treat @ Brussels

Big thanks to Angie and Imee, I dined at one of my favourite cafes the past Friday night. Car problems, arrived kinda late. Hence didn’t managed to take pictures of the food eaten. Maybe next time. Heh. BUT, we had good relaxing time with the drinks, trying out new things. All 3 of us, ordered stuff we’ve never tried before. And what a dash of different colours! Haha!20120409-115758.jpgThere were Apple Pie, Midori Melon, John’s Jameson and Leffe Brune Draught. Take a guess which is which? Haha. But glad to say, they all taste great. Happy with the new drinks tried this time. They don’t always turn out good, but they did this time. =)

Mine was the Apple Pie.
20120409-115825.jpgLove it. Kinda sweet though. And a little lacking of alcohol taste. But nevertheless, its a good cocktail to chill with and wind down on a relaxing Friday night.

We had a great time just chilling, chatting, a little gossiping (haha!), eating and obviously drinking. Hilarious time trying to cam-whore. Haha. But good to say, it was successful. *beams*


20120409-120412.jpgHad a great night. Really appreciated everything. Food, drinks, company and the time spent. =)

Sinful Shots

Never knew this existed, but the bar tender at Hostie made this for me and Christ. And its called… *drumroll*…..

20111112-012320.jpgWET PUSSY!

And it burns, right down the throat. Leaving a really really ‘sated’ feeling to the throat and all the way down. Heh.

Had a couple different shots, bought by different people. But one shot in particular, meant for Chris, and he didn’t want it, so he swap it with my second shot of Wet Pussy, became my favourite of the night.


Taste a little like chocolate but with real good liquor taste. Simply yummy. Love it! And thanks to Jee, I got the second B-52 for free! =)